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Variohm Holdings

Variohm Holdings

Company information:

For over 30 years Variohm Holdings have specialised in the supply of sensors for all industries. During the past few years there have been significant changes to our product range. Our aim is to offer the solution for all your sensing applications. Whether it’s a one off testing application or high volume OEM application, we are confident we can help.

We’re also extremely proud of our technical sales team. Not only do they have many years experience, each one of our engineers specialises on a particular product range, ensuring the best sensor is used for your application.

The Variohm product range consists of:

Position Sensors

Our rotary and linear transducer range is as wide as the angles and stroke lengths on offer. These sensors are available in either contacting or non-contacting technologies, provide excellent accuracy and repeatability and offer the very best in sealing, ensuring they will survive in the harshest of environments.

Load Sensing

With Load cells covering over 50 families with capacities from 1kg to 280,000kg, this allows our customers to select from one of the widest ranges available from any single source. This range includes products approved by many international verification authorities, for use in “Sale By Weight” or “Approved” applications

Force Sensing

Our range consists of units for use in tension, compression and universal modes. Some of the units can be supplied as “Fatigue Rated” models offering life expectations of over 1 billion cycles of full load reversal. These are particularly well suited to long –term testing applications such as fatigue life testing of airframe parts. Complementing our load cells is our complete range of clevis pins, which are available in either standard or customised versions. Our pins are so reliable they are used in flight-testing.

Pressure Sensing and Switching

Although Pressure sensing is reasonably new to our product range, Variohm’s suppliers have outstanding reputations. Our sensor range enables us to offer solutions for all applications. These sensors come in numerous housing options and can monitor pressure ranges as low as 0.07 mBar to 8000 Bar, with outstanding performance, including life and accuracy.

Temperature Sensing

Another new addition, our temperature probes offer outstanding stability and interchange-ability tolerances as tight as +/- 0.05ºC. They are recognised as the premier choice for accurate, stable measurements in critical, demanding applications in diverse markets such as telecommunications, medical, industrial controls and Aerospace.

Acceleration and Vibration Sensing

The latest addition to our range is our vibration sensors from Wilcoxon, who are recognised as a world leader in this field. Their comprehensive product range ensure we are able to offer a solution to your application, with sensors offering rugged designs, which are hermetically sealed and are available with various outputs.

Complementing all of our sensors we offer a comprehensive range of instrumentation.

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    Williams Barnes
    Tiffield Road
    Towcester NN12 6HP
    United Kingdom / Europe
    Tel.: +44 1327 351004
    Fax: +44 1327 353564
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Variohm Holdings

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