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DJB Instruments

DJB Instruments

Company Background:


Established 40 year ago, DJB Instruments are the UK’s leading manufacturer of accelerometers, dynamic
pressure transducers, instrumentation and cabling. With a sales office situated in France and a modern production facility based in Mildenhall, Suffolk, UK, DJB constantly strive for efficient manufacturing, high quality and reliable product delivery.

Engineering capability

All facets of transducer / instrumentation manufacture and test are carried out in house, and encompass fabrication of piezo-ceramic components, hermetic seals and connectors, thick film  hybrid electronic products, environmental testing.

Research & Development

DJB Instruments has a policy of continuous research & development. We are constantly reviewing our existing product range. We are working with selected partners to develop new technologies and we anticipate a rolling programme of product releases.

Customer support

Accelerometers are application specific. We advise users of the environmental constraints relative to individual transducers, hardware is made available for evaluation. Standard products are stocked in depth for rapid response. We have recently started the equipment rental activity.
All the products datasheet are available in our website:


All DJB products have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability; this is probably best appreciated through the history and number of our accelerometers still in use around the world that were sold during the early days of DJB. The range has grown to include the latest integral electronics accelerometers (IEPE) with the high temperature option +185°C as well as charge output devices, triaxial and monoaxial, miniature, shock accelerometers, high temperature and our specialist water cooled ultra-high temperature accelerometers.

Dynamic Pressure Sensors
Using our industry leading expertise and well proven piezo-ceramic technology we offer a range of sensors for dynamic pressure measurement. Many of these applications also require high temperature capability and our ultra-high temperature microphones offer solutions up to 500°C.

Cable Assembly Facility 
In 2012 our cable assembly facility was expanded to offer an increased capability to a wider range of customers including many who are users of sensors of different types other than accelerometers. With a huge stock of cable types and connectors, backed up with our experience in cable assembly we can offer cables for sensors measuring force, pressure, angles, velocity as well as many more. In addition we also offer a test and repair service for cables from any manufacturer, available with quick turnaround we offer the complete cable assembly service.

All sensors require some sort of instrumentation to provide power, measure signals and in some cases do both. The DJB range of Charge/Voltage amplifiers, hybrid converters, DIN rail mounted amplifiers, filters and in line conditioners offer a solution for every application. Our hand held units offer quick measurement for use in industrial applications where permanent installations are not possible. We propose also a range of shock hammers and an accelerometer handheld calibrator.


Virtual 100% inspection and test, supported by continuous assessment of all facets of manufacture, maintains a high standard of product excellence. Environmental test facilities, simulating actual usage, eliminating uncertainty.
Our quality management system is  BS EN ISO 9001: 2008

DJB Instruments

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