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Sensor Instruments GmbH

Sensor Instruments GmbH

Company Background:

The Sensor Instruments GmbH is a creative, expanding company in the field of sensor technology. As a specialist for customer-individual sensors and complete measuring systems, the Sensor Instruments GmbH has acquired a good reputation both on a national and international scope. Our products are used in almost all areas of industry.

Our guiding principle: Let’s make sensors more individual

Individual sensors and custom-made measurement technology for contactless optical object detection are our core competences and thus a strong foundation for modern technologies and system solutions. Our experiences and ideas, linked to the knowledge of our customers, are the conditions for this. We start where the job gets tough.

We attach greatest value to intensive, personal counselling in finding the perfect solution for automation tasks. Innovative character and highest quality of the products are the most important factors. We approach every task with passion to provide you with solutions that are intelligent, future-proof, and matched to your special requirements. That optimise your production processes and the monitoring thereof. And that thus help you to be successful in competition.

We of Sensor Instruments will accompany you, from first consulting through to realisation. With all our know-how and our many years of experience. With our own developments and with comprehensive service, but especially also with the openness and appreciation that are necessary to make our cooperation both lasting and profitable for both sides.

With our name we represent

... Experience
Since 1992 we have been developing, producing, and selling high-quality sensors and special measurement systems for applications in industry core sectors. Our specialists in our branches all over the world are in constant dialog with our customers and with Sensor Instruments. They listen, they analyse, and they so find the best special solution for your requirements.

... Innovation
Developing new technologies into trend-setting products is motivation enough for repeatedly setting new standards with innovative research, for turning visions into reality. Our patents and our ideas speak for themselves here.

... Performance
Material inspection, measuring, positioning, switching, counting, or spray jet controlling? For color, gloss, contrast, luminescence, quantification, distance, turbidity, position, frequency, reflection, diameter, extension, spectral analysis, thickness? For us there (almost) is no such thing as "no can do". The great variety of our product range simply is fantastic and surely offers a suitable and economically efficient solution for every demand. Professional, trend-setting, and always optimally matched to your individual requirements.

... Commitment
Your PLUS in cooperating with Sensor Instruments is our reliability and our willingness to perform. We stand by your side as a partner. With excellently trained employees, with personal and highly competent consulting service. The common objective in the consulting and service cycle always is to achieve the best solution for you. Right from the start.

Company’s Features

  • Extensive standard program of sensors
  • Sensor technology design in co-operation with the customer
  • Creation of special sensors
  • Integration of sensor technology into existing systems
  • Development of software for electronic control units
  • Consultancy by our application engineers and qualified selling partners
  • Supply also of smallest quantities
  • Short delivery times

Sensor Instruments GmbH

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