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H. Heinz Messwiderstände GmbH

H. Heinz Messwiderstände GmbH

Company information:

Since 1991 H. Heinz Messwiderstände GmbH is developing and fabricating advanced temperature and humidity measurement technology. We offer customized solutions fabricated in both large-batch and small-batch production, or manufactured as individual items. Our engineers advice every customer individually and develop the optimal solution for the customer's measurement problem – from a single sensor up to a complete system.

By forceful modernization of the machinery, our classic assortment of sensor resistors could be extended. Currently, also remittance work in the field of CNC lathe, milling, and drilling is offered.

The company philosophy is focused on

  • high-quality products,
  • comprehensive and competent customer service,
  • continuous extension of our R&D capabilities to satisfy today's and future customer requirements.

Heinz Meßwiderstände GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1995 and according to DIN EN ISO 9001/2000 since 2001, additional ATEX and key account audits.

Company profile

  • Temperature and humidity measurement technology
  • Engineering and consulting services for temperature and humidity measurement technology
  • CNC lathe, milling, and drilling

Application areas of our products:

  • Measurement instrumentation and control engineering
  • Installation and systems engineering
  • Construction of electrical machines and apparatus
  • Building automation
  • Storage, cooling, and kitchen technology
  • Plastic processing technology
  • Food industry
  • Medical technology


Resistance thermometers

  • measuring inserts and complete thermometers in standard fittings or custom-made with special tolerances
    • for the measurement of temperatures of fluids and gases in containers, pipes or otherwise;
    • for temperature measurements on surfaces;
    • miniature cast sensors with or without connection lines;
    • versions for different climate classes


  • Thermocouples for temperature measurement in pipes, containers, fume ducts, stoves and temper baths;
  • version as measuring insert, with ceramic and stainless steel protective tubes, with fittings for fastening and installation;
  • custom-made with precious metal protective tubes for glass melts;
  • built-in lengths up to 2000 mm, temperature range: -200°C ... +1600°C

Mineral insulated thermocouples, mineral insulated resistance thermometers

  • flexible temperature probes for use at inaccessible measuring points and for strong mechanical stress;
  • temperature range
    • for resistance sensors -200°C ... +550°C
    • for thermocouples -200°C ... +1200°C
  • diameter: 0.5 mm ... 8 mm;
  • versions also as measuring insert and with protective tube and fittings for fastening

Laboratory and manual probes

  • for fast temperature measurement at surfaces and in bodies,
  • versions as touch probes and plunge probes;
  • for precision measurements in laboratories and research institutions

Temperature probes

  • Pt sensor resistors versions: wire or thin film;
  • basic resistances 100 Ω, 500 Ω and 1000 Ω (also other resistances available), tolerance classes A and B according to DIN EN 60751, special sort outs;
  • further measurement categories: Ni 100 Ω, Ni 120 Ω, Ni 1000 Ω, Cu 10 Ω, NTC, PTC

Components, accessories

  • transducers, screw-in sockets, flanges, protective tubes, connection heads, connection bases, holding and neck tubes from different materials,
  • various dimensions and versions

Temperature probes for electric machines

  • slot sensor resistors, end windings probes, temperature probes for temperature monitoring at electrical machines

Temperature probes for building automation

  • temperature and humidity probes for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology

Temperature probes for storage and cooling technology

  • e.g. oven probes, plug-in probes, core temperature probes

Specials Appliances

In addition to our extensive range of products we offer the planning, development and production of individual products and small series. Here, the individual customer's needs are at the forefront.

H. Heinz Meßwiderstände GmbH is the ideal partner for your individual measurement solutions.

H. Heinz Messwiderstände GmbH

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