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eddylab GmbH

eddylab GmbH

Company Profile:

Sensors with performance – eddylab

eddylab is a modern company, which passionately develops, engineers and produces sensors for the measurement of distances and positions. We eventually provide entire system solutions.

Besides our standard products in stock for a plentitude of industrial applications our strength is the development of custom-made sensors. In close cooperation with our customers we develop ultra precise sensors true to the motto "sensors – built to perform". Our range of services is made up of the following components:

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eddylab is specialised in the field of development and production of custom-made position transducers and electonics. Non-bureaucratically we realise custom-made sensors with modifications according to:

  • Temperature specification
  • Design and geometry
  • Materials 
  • Protecting class (IP68, IP69K)
  • Pressure specification
  • Vibration resistance
  • Vakuum application
  • Redundant systems
  • Output signal specification (Dynamics, special functions, diagnose)

Exklusive devices, especially designed for OEM-applications, large quantities or applications with super special requirements like in food-industry or medical engineering complete our portfolio.


Our products related to inductive displacement transducers (LVDT) guarantee the highest reliability under any operating conditions, such as, with respect to hydraulics, up to 1000 bar and 230°C. Important safety-related functions such as a cable break detection system and alarm output are characteristic features. Special form designs in titanium and solutions tailored to the customer’s needs complete the profile.


Our Magnescale sensors guarantee reliable measurements in the submicron range and for maximum life cycle under industrial conditions and can be used, amongst other things, as a calibration standard even in our own calibration laboratories, as well as a reference for digital eddy current sensors.

Eddy current sensors

Technologically unique in the area of eddy current sensors are our latest developments, such as Waterfall-RPM-diagnosis and linearisation function. Through the simultaneous registration of the angle of rotation and distance to a rotating shaft, the entire features of a machine can be represented in a 3D diagram. In addition, the customer himself can calibrate the sensor on a particular traceable object using linearisation. The eddylab Windows Software was specially developed for this purpose; it processes and visualises the data via USB and with the help of a calibration standard and the digital controller.

Laser Distance Sensors

The eddylab laser distance sensors measure contact-free and wear-free. Thanks to their high resolution, they deliver precise measurement results even on the most demanding surfaces. Different sizes allow extreme measuring ranges between 10 mm and 13 m to be achieved. The AXIS series from eddylab includes miniature sensors that can be used quickly and flexibly as the world's smallest triangulation sensors. For high-precision distance measurements with measuring accuracies in the submicrometric range, the AXIS-HP series is available. The High-Performance series not only masters large measuring distances without any problems, but also minimizes the effort required for commissioning thanks to its innovative touch display. The AXIS series' broad product portfolio provides a multitude of application possibilities, for example in industrial automation or quality control.

  • Eddylab GmbH
    Ludwig-Ganghofer-Straße 40
    83624 Otterfing
    Germany / Europe
    Tel.: +49 (0) 8024 46772 -0
    Fax: +49 (0) 8024 46772-100
    Email: info(at)
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eddylab GmbH, former WayCon Engineering GmbH

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