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Company information:

Successful worldwide. At home in Germany.

ASC provides inertial sensor solutions for advanced applications. Made in Germany, the precision of ASC sensors means they are used for measuring and testing applications by engineers around the world over.

ASC GmbH is a competent and innovative manufacturer of high quality inertial sensors:

  1. accelerometers (capacitive, piezoresistive, IEPE)
  2. angular rate sensors 
  3. tilt sensors 
  4. Inertial Measurement Units

High-quality sensors from our own production - Made in Germany and in use worldwide. Our sensors were developed for demanding measuring tasks that require precise measurement results. We offer you our product portfolio of inertial sensors analogue, digital or as smart sensor systems ASC AiSys®.

The smart sensor systems ASC AiSys® are so called embedded systems. They have an A/D signal conversion and furthermore data acquisition, pre-processing and evaluation of the data will be done directly on the sensor. The smart sensor systems ASC AiSys® delivers an information directly into the cloud, control unit or PC to be used for any AI application.

We work closely with our customers and serve target industries such as Railway, Agriculture, Automotive, Aviation, Civil Engineering, Wind Energy, Structural Health Monitoring or Industrial Applications. ASC can also develop or manufacture customized sensor solutions for your application.

ASC offers you the right inertial sensor solution for your application: analogue – digital - smart

We are a competent and innovative partner for you, offering you suitable solutions for your future challenges.

ASC - smart in motion!

  • ASC GmbH
    Advanced Sensors Calibration 
    Ledererstraße 10
    85276 Pfaffenhofen
    Germany / Europe
    Tel.: +49 (0)8441 786547-0
    Fax: +49 (0)8441 786547-9
    Web :
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