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Maximize Growth of Plants by optimizing Climate Conditions through Infrared Temperature Sensors

18 July 2022

The internet of agricultural things (IoAT) has revolutionary potential called The Third Green Revolution. A smart web of sensors like non contact temperature sensors, drones, and other connected devices allows for an unprecedented level of control and automated decision-making. Exergen IRt/c's play a major role in growing crops at the lowest cost, with speed and accuracy, from cotton to tobacco to spy bean growing the IRt/c is the choice in the industry. In 2022 we started a project Plant Lighting which has been finalized this quarter. And the results are very positive. They are able to measure the temperature of the plant with our agri sensor solutions which provides a very good insight in the energy balance of the Phalaenopsis.

The conclusion of Plant Lighting is as follows:

"With the knowledge developed, a "guardrail" can be established for stomatal opening. This allows light, CO2 and heat to be utilized more efficiently. A photosynthesis model can be used to visualize 'live' whether stomata are sufficiently open. On the other hand, heat is lost unnecessarily when stomata are open further than necessary, because more (latent) heat needs to be extracted (dehumidification) or an unnecessary amount of spray is applied"

The goal to make precision farming a reality has become one step closer to towards a more sustainable food production outcome using precise and resource-efficient approaches. Objective is that smart farming as a total will finally realize the goal of feeding a fast-growing population (9.6 billion by 2050) in a sustainable and efficient manner.

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