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Microtech Gefell at the DAGA 2017 in Kiel

Microtech Gefell at the DAGA 2017 in Kiel

01 March 2017

Microtech Gefell: The DAGA 2017 takes place in Kiel which is a perfect place for science and technology transfer with a long tradition in acoustic research too.

Early on, the development of acoustic techniques played an important role in Kiel – a prominent example is the acclaimed Kieler scientist Alexander Behm, who invented the echo sounder and co-operated with Hermann Anschütz, a friend of Albert Einstein.

Innovation meets tradition - this is valid for Kiel and also for Microtech Gefell.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that Microtech Gefell will take part in the DAGA 2017 in Kiel actively.

The Presentation of new microphone solutions from the in-house research development department in international scientific conferences is a Microtech tradition for many years.

Besides the scientific conference there will be an exhibition, offering for Microtech Gefell a forum for contacts and exchange between theory and practice – booth Nr. 20.

In the Focus of the conference programme are discussions, topics and posters like, for example:
Noise assessment, Noise control, Noise measuring, Machine Acoustics , Physical acoustics, Room acoustics, Vehicle acoustics, Vibration engineering,  etc.

Interesting too will be the topic of the flow acoustics of rotary systems.

Innovation meets tradition – News from Gefell for wind turbine noise

The Boundary-Layer Microphone - GF 1 and the weatherproof power supply unit WN 1

The Boundary-Layer Microphone GF 1 is a new measuring equipment especially designed to record sound emissions at Wind Power Stations according to IEC/EN 61400-11.

The boundary GF 1 and the weatherproof power supply unit WN 1 are specifically developed extensions in order to record the sound emission of wind power stations with measuring microphones. Additionally, the GF 1 is suitable for determining emission-relevant sound power levels in open spaces, e.g. measurements at power stations, construction sites, filtration and cooling plants among others. Due to the Operation near the ground, unwanted influences on the measurement results by reflections from the ground are avoided. Measurements are largely independent of the position of measurement and the composition of the ground.

The lower wind speed near the ground causes a further reduction in wind-generated noise at the microphone.

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