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Memsense Announces Performance IMU with Colibrys Accelerometers

Memsense Announces Performance IMU with Colibrys Accelerometers

09 September 2015

Colibrys joins Memsense to highlight the value offered in the MX IMU. The MX IMU brings unprecedented value to the MEMS IMU market through the incorporation of the Colibrys MS9000 series accelerometers. Never before has such a high level of performance been available at this price point in an ultra-compact IMU.

Memsense, United States / Colibrys, Switzerland, September 2015 – Memsense creates new opportunities with the high performance available in the MX IMU. The MX IMU occupies a volume less than 30 cm3 offering unmatched performance enabled by Colibrys accelerometers.

MX IMUs are regarded for their superior performance in highly dynamic environments enabled by Colibrys’ high stability accelerometers. The MX offers this while maintaining a compact footprint and extremely robust housing to offer the best product for the price.

“The use of Colibrys accelerometers allowed the integration of performance and reliability to meet our stringent component selection requirements for our line of IMUs,” said James Brunsch, CTO at Memsense. “Our experience with MEMS-based inertial measurement combined with that of Colibrys’ engineers provided the foundation for successfully launching an IMU offering premium performance without premium pricing.”

Colibrys (subsidiary of Sagem, Safran) is a world leader for high-end MEMS accelerometers, being a premium supplier for inertial sensors in aerospace and navigation market. “Our MEMS sensors are embedded amongst the most performant inertial systems. We are always proud for being chosen by a manufacturer like Memsense. The MX IMU is fully leveraging the performance of Colibrys’ accelerometers.” Said Patrick Gougeon, CEO at Colibrys.

The MS9000 MEMS accelerometer family used in MX IMUs is a reference in aerospace application. It embeds the best of Colibrys 25 years’ experience in MEMS development. This single-axis analog accelerometer is based on bulk micro-machined silicon elements and is specifically designed for long-term bias stability over temperature in harsh environments.

Colibrys – Designed for Accuracy, Built for Trust

Colibrys (Sagem, Safran) is a Swiss MEMS manufacturer, providing capacitive accelerometers and gyros resistant to harsh environments. Its products are designed for accuracy and offer the best performance stability combined with shock resistance, as well as the lowest non-linearity and noise in the marketplace. Colibrys sensors are used in numerous safety-critical applications to measure acceleration, inclination, vibration and angular rate. For more information:

MEMSENSE – Customer Focused Inertial Solutions

Memsense is a leading supplier of MEMS-based inertial solutions. The Company’s technical creativity and customer focus drive the development of market driven innovations that redefine the cutting-edge of MEMS IMU performance. Memsense inertial products are designed and manufactured for superior performance, uncompromised quality, and unmatched value.

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