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ROTOSCAN RS4-4M with new functions for operation on transfer trolleys

ROTOSCAN RS4-4M with new functions for operation on transfer trolleys

19 April 2008

Leuze electronic presents its flexible multitalent for people safety with the new function extension "Motion".

Intelligent sensors boast the ability (among others) to perform several tasks at one time. A task can therefore generally be completed quicker and easier – and the user saves money. The new ROTOSCAN RS4-4M Safety Laser Scanner is a good example of this type of function integration. The “M” in the product name stands for “Motion”, and is there to show that, on the basis of the sound measurement of speeds and distances, this new member of the Leuze electronic Safety Laser Scanner family is best suited for mobile applications.

Motion Monitoring with transfer trolley operation

MotionMonitoring allows up to 6 speed values to be monitored and detection zones to be adjusted as required. No additional encoders are required here – the entire functionality is performed by the scanner and the PLC. A safety PLC is therefore no longer necessary in most cases. The detection zone determined by the traveling direction and traveling speed of the vehicle is adjusted on the basis of the detection zones and their situation-conditional activation. This in turn enables a more efficient operation of transfer trolleys.

Distance measuring for precise positioning

The ROTOSCAN RS4-4M continues to impress with a new measuring procedure, which allows it to measure distances to and from defined reference planes. This procedure makes it possible to precisely determine positions. A transfer trolley can consequently stop exactly where it is supposed to in front of a conveyor belt to transfer the transported material.

In addition to the classic areas of application with danger area guarding on mobile systems, the ROTOSCAN RS4-4M extended version also has the necessary approvals for vertical access and danger point guarding. The Laser Scanner’s resolution can be varied between 30 mm and 150 mm.

ROTOSCAN RS4-4M animated film

We have provided an animated film using a transfer trolley as an example to show the MotionMonitoring function and precise positioning on a conveyor line. You can also watch the film on the Leuze electronic homepage at

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