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Zemic weighing sensors integrated into Autonomous Mobile Robots

Zemic weighing sensors integrated into Autonomous Mobile Robots

12 November 2020

Zemic Europe: Improve working conditions and optimize your intralogistics flow? This is possible with the Autonomous Mobile Robots of iFollow! Many companies nowadays face significant challenges in logistics. The company iFollow designs collaborative solutions for logistics and industry based on fleets of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) driven by artificial intelligence. With these robotized flexible solutions, iFollow facilitates the work of operators in many different logistic and industrial environments.

At Zemic Europe, we are glad to be able to contribute to this solution with our force sensors. The iFollow robots adapt to each environment and varied working conditions. They play a supporting role for the operators, logistic and warehouse staff. With their ability to move up to 1000 kg they literally make the operators stronger. So this innovation fits well with our slogan "We believe we make you stronger". With the integration of our force sensors, we make a direct contribution to optimizing logistic flows in many different industries.

Zemic Europe & iFollow

  • Weighing sensors integrated in Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Match of expertise of weighing sensors & knowledge of robotic solutions
  • Improving working conditions
  • Increase productivity by optimizing intralogistics flows
  • Professional technical support for customized solutions

How Zemic Europe advised iFollow

Weighing is necessary in these autonomous robots for tracking and control purposes. Therefore iFollow contacted Zemic Europe. First of all iFollow explained the exact needs and wishes regarding the weighing function within their robots. Accuracy and connection technology were very important in this case. Due to the design of the robots, installation height was an important factor too. Another reason to choose Zemic loadcells was the good price-quality ratio.

Based on the information, iFollow and Zemic Europe, worked together and determined which type of sensor was most suitable for this application. With their knowledge and experience in the field of weighing and force measurement Zemic Europe was also able to advise iFollow in the field of installing the load cell. Multiple load cells are built into each robot.

iFollow designs complete and efficient solutions to simplify order preparation and better manage warehouses. The autonomous mobile robots navigate without any infrastructure while adapting to the environment and move loads up to one ton. These robots adapt to different environments, as well as the items to be transported, for example rolls, pallets and specific supports. In addition to logistic processes, they are also used in industrial processes. This mode of operation allows the transport of loads, parts and modules to the different stations of an assembly line.

More about the Autonomous Mobile Robot

The technicians of iFollow are able to adapt the robots and deliver custom made solutions. The robots are already delivered worldwide, among others to France, England and Asia and they operate in different industries, like the automotive, aviation and pharmaceutical industry. As described earlier, the great advantage is the improvement in working and the associated productivity gains.

Characteristics of the AMR’s: 

  • Payload: several models: up to 300 kg, 600 kg and 1000 kg
  • Controllable with device: Each operator is equipped with a voice terminal, an RF terminal or an order preparation tablet in order to read the list of items to be picked.
  • This preparation mode allows the operator to save up to 50% of productivity compared to manual preparation.
  • The programming of missions is intuitive on the fleet management interface. Employees generate the scenarios, the robots carry them out.
  • iLogistics robots are the thinnest on the market (17 cm high), that can transport to 1 ton.
  • Operating temperature: from -25 to + 47 ° C
  • Differential wheel drive
  • Waterproof electrical system
  • Battery life: 16 hours
  • Emergency stop


  • Fast: Maximum speed 2 m / s or 7.2 km / h
  • Intelligent: They perceive the environment at 360 ° (built-in 3D- and laser track camera)
  • Flexible: They adapt to your environment
  • Collaborative: The robots work together with people
  • Coordinates: The robots can work together by passing information to each other
  • Technological: Their navigation algorithms are very innovative
  • Controllable: Special software (that can even be viewed on a smartphone) allows you to supervise the fleet
  • Secure: The solution is patented and certified

The H8Q shear beam load cell used in Autonomous Mobile Robot

The H8Q load cell has been selected as the best fitting component. This load cell has the following characteristics:

  • Nickel plated alloy steel IP67 shear beam load cell.
  • Low profile.
  • Suitable for floor scales, automobile test facilities, hopper scales and other weighing devices.
  • High accuracy.

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