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The weatherproof microphone unit WME 980 CN - A perfect tool for standard-compliant measurements and modern sound design

The weatherproof microphone unit WME 980 CN - A perfect tool for standard-compliant measurements and modern sound design

03 December 2021

The WME 980 CN (Community Noise) is a weatherproof microphone unit for long-term outdoor noise monitoring and stationary or mobile noise monitoring of industrial, traffic, and environmental noise with a sound incidence horizontal to the microphone axis.

Leading automotive manufacturers and developers appreciate the WME 980 CN as an ideal instrument for outdoor pass-by measurements according to DIN ISO 362-1:2017-10 in weatherproof outdoor installations with two obligatory measurement microphones, because, on the one hand, a vertical microphone has optimal protection against rain, moisture and wind, and, on the other hand, the directional characteristic is exactly circular around its axis. This means that the position of the passing vehicle does not lead to an incorrect measured value of the sound level due to the directional characteristic effect and the angular position.

Its housing is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a bird spike, windscreen and rain and dust shield. Inside the housing there are easily exchangeable desiccant bags with silica gel and an easily exchangeable dehumidifier adapter TA 202 with humidity indicator window is part of the measuring microphone.

A 1.5" connection thread is used for mounting, to which a tripod adapter can also be screwed. The connector is located in a protected position on the underside of the housing tube. The weatherproof microphone unit can be calibrated with standard sound calibrators.

For remote calibration it is equipped with a remotely switchable calibration generator which feeds a sinusoidal signal with 1 kHz via an electrostatic actuator.

Inside the device there are switches for a cable driver and a microphone heater which prevents possible condensation under extreme climatic conditions. The WME 980 AM is designed for Type 1 sound level meters according to IEC 61672.

technical data

Measuring microphone preamplifier

MV 203.3

Measuring microphone capsule

MKS 231

Frequency range of the free field response

10 Hz to 20 kHz


50 mV/Pa

Sensitivity re 1 V/Pa

-26 dB ±1.5 dB

Max. SPL for 3% THD at 1 kHz


149 dB


146 dB

Inherent noise with preamplifier MV 203.3

15 dB

Power supply

6 V DC to 25 V DC

Max. power consumption

1.3 W

Max. RMS output

33 Veff

Output impedance (cable driver "OFF")

≤ 80 Ohm

Operating temperature range

-40 °C to +50°C

Humidity limits

r.H. <100%, absence of condensation



Connecting thread

G 1.5"


40 mm


585 mm



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