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SPEKTRA introduces the CS Q-LEAP™ GYRO: Expanding possibilities in sensor calibration

SPEKTRA introduces the CS Q-LEAP™ GYRO: Expanding possibilities in sensor calibration

18 December 2023
SPEKTRA proudly announces the launch of the CS Q-LEAP™ GYRO with DRE-01 rotation exciter, a groundbreaking addition to our family of calibration systems.

The CS Q-LEAP™ calibration system introduces a new measurand to our repertoire, complementing vibration and shock calibration by now offering a powerful calibration solution for rotation rate sensors and measuring systems.

Delving into key features and technical precision

All CS Q-LEAP™ calibration systems come with a software boasting powerful features and a wide range of options, such as sine calibration, sine sweep or vibration generation. They also include an integrated sensor database, the e-Cal™ software for generating calibration certificates in various formats (print, PDF, etc.), as well as seamless data exchange with applications like ERP systems or measuring equipment databases.

The SPEKTRA CS Q-LEAP™ system includes: 

  • powerful and versatile HERO™ Vibration Control System 
  • Zero Position Controller APS 0109
  • Power Amplifier PA 500 DM
  • comprehensive CS Q-LEAP™ Software
  • Frequency range: 1 Hz to 200 Hz (traceable range for calibration) 
  • Extended range for testing purposes: > 200 Hz to 5 kHz

Unleashing possibilities: get to know possible applications

The CS Q-LEAP™ calibration system with DRE-01 rotation exciter is designed for the precise calibration of angular velocity sensors and measurement systems. It is ideal for testing gyro transducers (angular velocity), inertial measurement units (IMU), and rotation rate measuring systems.

The dynamic rotation exciter DRE-01 can be combined with any signal generator or vibration controller and the customizable table facilitates the mounting of a wide variety of devices under test.

To learn more about this new system and its applications, please visit our product page or contact our team of SPEKTRA experts who are ready to discuss your specific application and challenges.

For more information or inquiries about our solutions, please contact our expert team at 

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