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"Ready for tomorrow" – Leuze invites you to its first "Leuze Experience Days"

06 November 2020

In addition to participating at the "sps connect," Leuze has developed a virtual format for its new Leuze Experience platform for its customers with its first "Leuze Experience Days" under the motto "Ready for tomorrow." The "Leuze Experience Days" will take place from November 17 to 19. On the new platform, Leuze presents to its customers innovations and highlights in the area of technologies and products, such as its new DRT 25C reference diffuse sensor and the new GSX 14E combined fork sensor.

Owen, November 6, 2020 - To ensure the lasting success of their customers in an industry that is ever evolving and to also be close to them from a distance, the Sensor People from Leuze are bringing to life for the first time the "Leuze Experience Days." In addition to their participation at "sps connect," they are giving their customers the virtual opportunity to attend technical lectures, product presentations and discussion rounds with contributions from experts.

Leuze Experience Days

The "Leuze Experience Days" will take place from November 17 to 19 under the motto "Ready for tomorrow." Leuze customers can plan their own schedule from 12 webinars over three days and register for these online conferences. Topics include, e.g., "Access monitoring at material transfer stations," "Safe modification of machines" and "Maximum system availability with OPC UA." Moreover, customers will have the opportunity to take a virtual tour of our new showroom exclusively with their Leuze sales consultant. Here, an expert will show them the current Leuze innovations, new technologies and product highlights. "In spite of the distance currently required, we look forward to being close to our customers, a direct exchange and being able to offer current insight into the world of Leuze,” says Salvatore Buccheri, Managing Director of the sales company Germany and Vice President Europe at Leuze.

The one for everything – the new DRT 25C reference diffuse sensor

With the DRT 25C, which is based on the innovative Contrast Adaptive Technology (CAT), Leuze has developed a new operating principle in the field of switching sensors. Serving as a reference here is not the object that is to be detected, which may change at any time and can vary greatly with respect to color, shape and surface structure. Rather, CAT selects a constant reference surface for this purpose. In the field of packaging technology, this is the conveyor belt. In this way, the DRT 25C is – through the use of three light spots – able to reliably detect any type of object without readjustment in the event of a format change.

"Two in one" – world's first combined fork sensor, the GSX 14E

Leuze invented the very first fork sensor with light. Likewise, the first fork sensor with ultrasonics. With its new GSX 14E combined fork sensor, Leuze once again presents a world first. The device combines the advantages of the light and ultrasonic models in a compact housing. This "two in one" fork sensor rounds out Leuze's range of fork sensors and is well suited for the detection of all types of labels with just one sensor – especially for labeling machines used in the packaging industry.

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