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QG40N Configurator  now available

QG40N Configurator now available

09 September 2014

DIS Sensors: The QG40N family of inclinometers, accelerometers and tilt switches of DIS Sensors is now expanded with a configurator tool for end-users and distributors. With this configurator you can easily reconfigure most parameters of calibrated QG40N sensors with a standard PC. The tool is reading out the connected sensor, shows all relevant parameters and settings and offers the possibility to reconfigure the device while keeping the calibration data.

The configurator itself is a box with USB-cable (for connecting to a PC) and M12 cable (for connecting the QG40N sensor). For sensors without M12 connector (cable out) an optional break-out box is available. The PC software needed can be downloaded for free from the website of DIS Sensors.

The configurator is plug & play and no additional power supply is required. The software supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 with .NET framework installed and USB1.1 or higher.


  • Suitable for QG40N series: inclination sensors, acceleration sensors & tilt switches
  • Auto detects sensor presence, reads configuration and parameter settings from sensor
  • Allows to change parameters like measuring range, filtering, switching angles, centering etc.
  • Saves configuration to sensor and optional to PC-file
  • Real time visual feedback of sensor output (‘live monitoring’)
  • Standard USB interface, no external power supply required

For more information about this configurator please visit You can also send an e-mail to 

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