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Pressure sensor AMS 5935 –  the power saver in the low-pressure range

Pressure sensor AMS 5935 – the power saver in the low-pressure range

14 September 2023

The monitoring of everyday wearables, sports and mobile medical equipment is becoming increasingly widespread. The sensors and components in these often battery-powered devices have a high energy requirement which necessitates frequent battery recharging. One bright spot in this field is the new next-generation AMS 5935 low-power pressure sensor which can accurately measure even extremely low pressures in the +/-125 pascal range.

AMSYS has now introduced sustainable sensors to its portfolio with the AMS 5935. The sensors are manufactured in Germany and feature an integrated I2C/SPI interface that outputs calibrated pressure and temperature readings at a very low current consumption (250 nA in sleep mode and 2 mA during measurements) and a supply voltage in the range of 1.7 V to 3.6 V.

Based on a piezoresistive pressure sensing element with a state-of-the-art signal processing ASIC in a ceramic DIL package, this board-mount sensor is suitable for PCB mounting. The AMS 5935 has a low total error over a temperature range of -25 to 85°C and an even smaller error at room temperature, making it a highly accurate, low-power pressure sensor. The AMS 5935 pressure sensor is proving to be a sustainable component in mobile breathing aids and innovative devices whose runtime is to be increased using this intelligent, digital 18-bit pressure sensor.

AMSYS supplies this sensor for pressure ranges of +/- 1.25 mbar and for various differential, relative, bidirectional and absolute pressures from 0 to 2,000 mbar. The DIL version provides vertical pressure ports for tube connections. Alternatively, a space-saving manifold variant for mounting directly to a valve block using O-rings is available. Customer-specific adaptations are also possible. 3D data and a USB starter kit for quick results are available for prototype engineering. Furthermore, AMSYS’ team of consultants is always on hand to provide support where necessary.

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