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MSA4000 series accelerometers

02 March 2013


Based on MEMS process

  • ±2g~±200g Full Scale Range
  • Extreme Small Size
  • Integrated Signal Conditioning Chip
  • Self-test Calibration
  • High Reliability
  • Hermetically Sealed


MSA4000 series is one kind of MEMS capacitive accelerometer, which has the bulk micro-machined silicon sensing element and low power ASIC for signal conditioning. This kind of accelerometer is designed for wide range accelerations measurement. The protecting structure inside guarantees the superior anti-shock competence. What is more, the large bandwidth combined with robust and low power design and excellent bias stability guarantee the superior reliability.


Inertial Measurement: Inertial Guidance, Platform Stability, Navigation Vibration Measurement: Machinery and Equipment, Bridges and Dams, Safety Test.

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