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MSA1000 series accelerometers

02 March 2013


  • Based on MEMS process
  • ±2g to ±1000g Full Scale
  • DC ~ 5000Hz Response
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • 10000g Shock Resistance
  • Small Size, Light Weight(1.2g)


MSA1000 series accelerometers are variable capacitance (VC) Micro-electromechanical system(MEMS) sensors which are used to measure motion of impact or strong vibration. They are very suitable for various missile and aircraft measurement, launching test, separation kinematics research, vibration measurement, flight test and modal analysis, inertial motion study, automobile support system test, etc.

MSA1000 accelerometers are with small size, very light weight, firm structure and scale range covering ±2g~±1000g. The range of power supply voltage is +3v~+7v and the full scale output is ±2v when the supply voltage is +5v. They can bear up to 10000g impact and constant acceleration with gas damping and stop structure.


Modal analysis, vibration measurement, flight test, ballistic measurement, vehicle ride test, NVH testing, motion analysis, launching test.

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