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Measuring (Combustion-) Gas Temperature for various Process Conditions

Measuring (Combustion-) Gas Temperature for various Process Conditions

29 January 2019

Infrared radiation thermometers measure the gas temperature in combustion processes quickly and reliably. The sighting depth of the device depends on the process conditions and the selected wavelength.

Heitronics has developed an algorithm that allows the calculation of the sighting depth versus wavelength for any possible gas composition.

From the:

  • Gas composition
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Vessel dimensions

the best spectral range will be calculated.

Advantages of HEITRONICS Algorithm:

  • No effort for experiments to determine the wavelength
  • Adaptation to different boiler dimensions
  • Temperature measurement in chemical reactors
  • Any possible gas composition

Configuration in use:

IR Radiation Thermometer:     KT19.99
Detector type:                          according to FOV diagram
Optics:                                     according to customer requirements
Field of view:                           according to customer requirements

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