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Innovative system solutions in the field of environment and car acoustics

13 November 2018

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Following current requirements for sound level measurement in environment and industry, Microtech Gefell GmbH presents innovative solutions with a focus on acoustic measurement technology for sectors such as exterior / interior noise / sound design.

MTG traditionally offers a series of precision measuring microphones with weather protection for temporary and permanent installations, especially for vehicle construction.

The focus is also on sound optimization in the interior. Work is being done on 3D applications to optimize the interior sound experience, for example.

Relevant MTG microphones are approved for official calibration/PTB certification, compatible with all common monitoring systems and can be used for legally binding measurements.

The portfolio includes microphones, partly with remote calibration system, for airport monitoring for vertical sound incidence as well as for noise monitoring, e.g. traffic noise, with horizontal sound incidence with respect to the microphone axis.

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Important 2018 !  Turnkey solutions for special test benches (airborne / structure-borne noise, modal analysis, hydropulse etc.)

Measuring sections for Pass-By PST according to ISO and simulated Pass-BY

External noise measurements are currently used for vehicle homologation as well as for development, production and quality assurance.

MTG offers planning / development / installation of engineering projects / special test benches, primarily for interior, exterior noise and vibration measurements in the vehicle sector, including worldwide commissioning, individual service and the use of the latest developments.

Example: the new WME 980 for

  • Stationary and portable measurements
  • Continuous sound measurements outdoors
  • analysis of environmental, flight and  traffic noise etc.

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