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Customized Solutions: MetaPot membrane sensors for numerous applications

Customized Solutions: MetaPot membrane sensors for numerous applications

20 June 2018

Due to customers’ demands Metallux offers a wide range of sensor products in different sizes and designs. The Sensor company offers membrane sensors in various applications in industry, medical and automotive applications.

Thanks to the membrane technology (membrane to membrane with self adhesive backside) Metallux offers extremely flat membrane sensors (panel hight < 1 mm). These Metallux membrane sensors offer for many applications an alternative to conventional sensors. Due to their flat design membrane potentiometers are ideal for small or tight installations spaces.

Customized solutions, meaning perfect adapted sensors in the field of MetaPot membrane sensors are one of the core competencies of Metallux AG. Especially the short design- and development times for customized solutions. 

Various geometric designs of electric connections are always possible. Standards are connections on the side, designs in 90° angle or redundant designs thereby optimizing integration of switch and switch points. 

There is a wide variety of connections: contact pin, which fit to pin strips, easy housing or housing with secure and safe lock mechanism, cable and further custom specific solutions are available. Additional to the electric bonding and connections the sensor length can be chosen. Linear membrane sensors are produced by Metallux in general from 50mm up to 500 mm length and on demand other dimensions are possible. Especially smaller membrane sensors are custom specific available.

Below we show you three standard membrane sensors

Membrane Sensor linear MTP-L

The linear membrane sensors are well suited for precise position sensing applications used in various industries. The MTP-L membrane sensors are low-wearing, easy to install and offer wide possibilities for integration, as well as an IP65 protection class.

Membrane Sensor rotary MTP-R

The rotary membrane sensors are well suited for precise position sensing applications in various areas of angle measurement, in servo systems, for industrial and automotive applications. MTP-R can be manufactured in customized designs from approximately 25mm up to 300mm diameter.

Membrane Sensor linear MTP-LX

Special features of the Metallux MTP-LX membrane sensor are, in addition to its long lifetime, a very good linearity of up to < ±0.3% and a high temperature resistance up to 125 °C. This is due to its membrane on conductive plastic technology. They satisfy because of their resistance to dust, dirt and liquids with a high protection class of IP67. The membrane sensor is also available in a rotary design for angle measurement. 

For a reliable and long lasting use are design, material as well as the contact pressure of the wiper onto the collector foil of significance. MPT-LX offers all these features to achieve optimal long lifetime. For custom specific designs the Metallux team in consultations with the customer develop the ideal design in geometry and material combinations aiming at an ideal outcome for maximum customer benefit.

Membrane Sensor MMP contactless, magnetic, linear

The technology of the MMP series is based on the MTP series. The linear, contactless Metallux membrane sensors can be used for position sensing in a wide range of applications e.g. seat position detection, drive engineering or in automation- technology.

The contactless measurement is performed by means of a layer of metal foil integrated in the sensor and a magnet positioned at a set distance from the sensor. Therefore the system is absolutely contactless and wear free.


For many years Metallux expands its portfolio of linear, rotary or absolutely contactless MetaPot membrane sensors in high temperature ranges. Every client finds at Metallux a fitting solution for his application with an ideal price-performance-ratio. Metallux membrane sensors, whether customized or standardized distinguish themselves through very short assembly times and with a high degree of protection in working process, precision and a high repeatability. Therefore linear sensoric and connection function are combined in one sensor / component: Two functions in one component.

About Metallux:

Metallux AG is a high performance manufacturer of electronic components in thick film technology.The Swabian high tech company of has a wide scope of performance and offers next to the standard range of pressure-linear-and rotary – as well as foil sensors, high voltage and power resistors also custom specific solutions up to custom specific packages of potentiometers and joysticks. A customer-service orientation together with suitable ideas and solutions ensures satisfied customers. Innovative products, numerous patents and many years of experience- many well-known customers from automotive industry, electrostatic, medical- and industrial industries as well as sensory rely for decades now on the company from Leutenbach-Nellmersbach near Stuttgart.

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