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Membrane sensors

A selection of the latest product news, technical articles and application examples for the term Membrane sensors:

Customized Solutions: MetaPot membrane sensors for numerous applications

Customized Solutions: MetaPot membrane sensors

Metallux: Due to customers’ demands Metallux offers a wide range of sensor products in different sizes and designs. The Sensor company offers membrane sensors in various applications in industry, medical and automotive...


Metallux exhibits at electronica in Munich

Metallux: The high-tech company, which is based in South-West Germany, offers a broad range of services and - in addition to its standard range of pressure, linear, rotary and membrane sensors, high-voltage resistors and power resistors - also...

Membrane Sensors in Medical Technology

Membrane Sensors in Medical Technology

Metallux: Sensory components for the medical technology are deployed in numerous applications to measure and for the control of position and movement sensing. Metallux AG, near Stuttgart, supplies the medical industry for many years now with...


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