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Compact strain transducer offers high security for industrial process monitoring

20 June 2009

HBM has introduced the 6 mm high SLB-700A strain transducer to measure strains on solid components, such as cranes and bridges, where high loads need to be measured.

The compact size of the strain transducer means that it can easily be mounted on any component with standard M6 hexagon socket screws. The SLB-700A has a measuring range of 500 µm/m and provides a high safety reserve with a breaking strain of 300 per cent. The strain is transmitted through the connection with the component to the strain transducer. The change in length is transmitted in the strain transducer to an integrated strain gage, which supplies an output signal through an appropriate circuit that is proportional to the change in length.

The SLB-700A’s housing is made of stainless steel and meets IP65 to protect the strain transducer against environmental influences. It can also be used under harsh ambient conditions, such as in industrial applications. Typical applications for the strain transducer are large machine and steel structures such as cranes and bridges, as well as press fitting, punching or rolling machines.

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