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CANHEADdirect reduces data acquisition and analysis testing costs

20 June 2009

System reduces cable requirements and connects directly to the PC

HBM’s CANHEADdirect reduces the need for extended data cable runs in distributed measurement tests because it is sited close to the measuring points. Each CANHEADdirect takes readings from up to 50 measuring points and up to 5 amplifiers can be connected to each other for increased coverage.

CANHEADdirect connects the measuring system to a PC for capture and analysis using a simple USB connection. Coverage of up to 250 meters for the complete system can be achieved by connecting the amplifiers with HBM’s CANbus for data exchange and voltage supply.

CANHEADdirect simultaneously measures and records physical parameters such as strain, force and pressure. The system gives an inexpensive solution for data acquisition in experimental structural and stress analysis undertaken by universities, laboratories and structural engineers. The system is suitable for static structural tests, fatigue tests, long-term monitoring, and measuring general structural mechanics such as wind energy plants, railway carriages, along with mechanical engineering components.

The regulated 4-wire circuit for strain gages compensates for cable influences such as temperature variations. Both internal and external resistances are available for shunt calibrations. All measurement data is completely synchronized and measurements can be implemented with single SG, SG full and half bridges, as well as with DC voltage sources.

HBM’s catman®Easy software can be used to record the measurement data while self-programmers can read data with the help of the API documentation and transfer it to a separate system; an ActiveX interface is also available. HBM also supplies the MGCplus, along with communication modules ML74 and AP74, for applications with more than five CANHEAD modules per measurement chain.

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