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Centerpiece for non-contact temperature measurement

Centerpiece for non-contact temperature measurement

02 September 2022

MTS IR thermopile detectors for various applications such as smart home, fabrication of metal, glass, ceramics, thermal inspection or monitoring in combustion chambers.

Temperature is one of the primary indicators of process stability and quality assurance in industrial manufacturing. The detection of temperature with IR thermopiles is one of the most commonly used measurement methods. MTS detectors offer different versions for this purpose:


Premium single channel thermopile detector with 80 thermopairs for aerospace, defense and industrial applications

  • Detectivity up to 12.2*10E8 cm√Hz/W
  • Sensitivity up to 501 V/W
  • Optical filter 8 to 14 µm 
  • Hightemp version for ambient temperatures up to 180 °C


Single channel thermopile detector with 44 thermocouples for non-contact temperature measurement in aerospace, defense, medical & life science or building automation applications

  • Detectivity: up to 2.21*10E8 √Hz/W
  • Sensitivity: up to 54 V/W
  • Optical filter 8 to 14 µm


Low cost IR thermopile with 56 thermocouples for high volume applications in medical/ life science or building automation.

  • Detectivity: up to 0.67*10E8 √Hz/W 
  • Sensitivity: typ. 31 V/W 
  • Filter cut on 5.5 µm

You can get the MTS Thermopiles, available from stock, in our webshop.

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