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CA-DR-50 MEMS series accelerometers

02 March 2013


  • MEMS manufacturing process
  • Single Power Supply 15V
  • High Accuracy
  • Analog Output
  • Static or Dynamic Acceleration Response
  • High Linearity


CA-DR-50 MEMS accelerometer is the newest design of high precise inertial sensor which is composed by MEMS sensitive element and control circuit. The sensitive element is based upon comb capacitance structure and bulk silicon deep etching technology processing, so it is high precision, good consistency. At the same time, high precision closed loop feedback control circuit contributes to good stability and linearity performance. What is more, the internal design of over range structure limit can guarantee high impact and acceleration load, It is with 15V operating voltage, low output impedance and strong drive capability.


Inertial navigation: inertial guidance, integrated navigation, stable platform Short-term navigation: flight control, trajectory correction, telemetry remote control.
Attitude control: Ships, aircraft, missiles, vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

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