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AXIS-MI Laser Sensors: Miniature Sensors for Precise Optical Distance  Measurement

AXIS-MI Laser Sensors: Miniature Sensors for Precise Optical Distance Measurement

29 September 2023

Otterfing, 29.09.2023. The new eddylab laser sensors of the AXIS series feature a particularly small design and ensure precise measurement results even on difficult surfaces and in the tightest spaces.

The smallest sensor in the AXIS-MI-10/104 laser sensor series has a size of only 3.5 x 3.7 cm and provides reliable results in the tightest spaces with a measuring range of up to 104 mm. With its high-precision point beam shape, this laser sensor series is particularly suitable for the pinpoint measurement of the smallest components or cracks and is used, for example, for checking the presence of components on printed circuit boards.

AXIS-MI-50/300/500 series sensors reach a measuring range of up to 500 mm and are available not only with point beam but also with line beam shape. These line lasers provide consistent, reliable measurement results on rough, textured surfaces such as metal or wood. The line beam shape allows the smallest structures on the surface of the measured object to be masked out in order to achieve a particularly precise measurement result. Due to their precision and reliability, the AXIS laser sensors ensure reduced scrap and thus high efficiency in the manufacturing process, especially for inline measurements.

About eddylab

eddylab is a modern company, which passionately designs, constructs, and produces sensors for the measurement of distances and positions. We eventually provide entire system solutions. The company’s product portfolio includes eddy current probes, inductive transducers, laser sensors, draw wire sensors, digital gauges, digital rulers, digital magnetic scales, display controls and signal conditioner. Besides our standard products in stock for a plenitude of industrial applications our strength is the development of custom-made sensors. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop ultra-precise sensors true to the motto "sensors – built to perform".

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