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SonAire® General Use Ultrasonic Level & Distance Sensors for Ranges to 35 ft. (10.7m)

SonAire® General Use Ultrasonic Level & Distance Sensors for Ranges to 35 ft. (10.7m)

01 December 2016

Massa Products Corporation: The MassaSonic® SonAire® Series M3 Sensors consist of battery operated wireless level sensors that are capable of intercommunicating using ZigBee RF Modules. These sensors are available in 3 models produce detection ranges from 4" (100 mm) to 35′ (10.7 m). The 150 kHz model ranges 4” (100 mm) to 7’ (2.1 m), the 95 kHz model ranges 12” (300 mm) to 13’ (4 m) and the 50 kHz model ranges 14” (356 mm) to 35’ (10.7 m).

The sensors incorporate state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology to provide precision non-contact distance measurement for tank or silo level monitoring, liquid level control and remote monitoring. Compared to other systems, the M3 stands out due to its affordability, exceptional smooth operation, and the ability to be installed and calibrated without using a target. These sensors convey narrow beam sound pulses, process return echoes, and provide the distance to the target. The sensor housing material is entirely Kynar (PVDF) to offer the ultimate in chemical resistance even in the toughest industrial environments.

The SonAire® Sensors measure and store data such as range, battery voltage, temperature, and other sensor parameters at user-planned time intervals. An inner pushbutton switch is used to commission the sensor onto the ZigBee network, and an LED is used to detect the operating mode.
The SonAire® Sensors are RoHS compliant, and the package is rated for immersion and high pressure washing in compliance with IP67. The batteries used are lithium AA type, which are commonly available and are easily accessible for replacement. The typical battery life is 4 years.

The SonAire® Series Sensors are offered in two versions. The Standard SonAire M3 Sensors are meant for operation in general applications. For use in harmful environments, intrinsically safe SonAire M3is Sensors are also available


  • Quick, remote set-up sites
  • Flood zone monitoring and waste basins
  • Solid and liquid level monitoring
  • Tanks, Cisterns, Silos
  • Outdoor stockpiles
  • Waste collection bins


  • General use all category
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Water – Wastewater ◊ Chemicals

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