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PulStar® TTL Ultrasonic Level & Distance Measurement for Low Power Applications

PulStar® TTL Ultrasonic Level & Distance Measurement for Low Power Applications

01 December 2016

Massa Products Corporation: MassaSonic® PulStar® TTL are narrow beam ultrasonic transmitter modules, for continuous and reliable level or distance measurement of fluids, solid materials, or pastes. The temperature compensated sensors are suitable for application ranges from 8'' (200 mm) to 13' (4 m) operating -40° C to 70° C.

PulStar® TTL is powered by 5 V DC and uses asynchronous UART TTL signals operating at 1.8 V levels to communicate to a control system. The TTL model includes advanced programing features including drop down set-up menus to simplify installation and ignore false echoes. Measurement accuracy is +/- 0.1%

PulStar® TTL is chemically resistant PVC (or PVDF by request) and interfaces mechanically by a 1” (25 mm) NPT fitting. They are IP68, CE, and C1D1 compliant or intrinsically safe components in an accurately designed integrated complete system.

The extremely short power up time of the sensors (less than 500 msec.) allows system integrators to develop very low power drain operation where 5 V DC is applied very briefly to the sensors in order to obtain distance or level measurements. This feature is significant for battery operated installations. The sensor is protected from reverse polarity and over-voltage for both DC power and in the UART communications.

The sensors are integrated with advanced ultrasonic technology and processing algorithms, and can provide precision non-contact measurement for applications, such as process or pump control, factory automation, tank level monitoring, or distance measurement. Massa Sensors are field proven reliable!


  • Processing, totes, tanks
  • Web loop monitoring
  • Solid and liquid level measurement
  • Roll diameter measurement
  • Position & object detection
  • Bulk material management
  • Automatic packaging operations
  • Battery Operated low power applications
  • Data Loggers
  • OEM system integration


  • Agriculture
  • Chemical Process ◊ Water –Wastewater ◊ Power Generation - HVAC
  • Paper - Converting Packaging 
  • Industrial Equipment & Automation

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