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NEW - Weatherproof Microphone Unit WME 980

NEW - Weatherproof Microphone Unit WME 980

28 May 2019

MTG traditionally offers a wide range of precision measuring microphones with weather protection for temporary and permanent installations.

Microtech Gefell's measuring microphone development is based on more than 80 years of experience.

MTG produces microphones for aircraft noise monitoring systems for sound incidence measurements from above and for noise monitoring.

The WME 980 with a sound incidence vertical to the microphone axisis the latest product of our in-house development.

It is a weatherproof microphone unit for long-term outdoor measurement, stationary and mobile noise control and the analysis of environmental and traffic noise.

The new  microphone unit consists of the MK 223 ½” measurement microphone capsule, MV 203.3 ½” measurement microphone pre-amplifier, TA 202 dehumidifier, RS 98 rain and dust shield, VW 98 windshield with bird spike and the VM 960 supply module including calibration generator.

The WME 980 is equipped with a remotely switchable calibration generator, a switchable cable driver and a switchable heater resistor to prevent possible condensation under extreme climatic conditions.

The calibration generator injects a sinusoidal signal into the capsule via an electrostatic actuator.

The weatherproof microphone unit can be calibrated with standard sound calibrators or the Pistonphone type 5002 and  is designed for class 1 sound level meters according to IEC 61672.

Technical data

Measuring microphone preamplifier

MV 203.3

Measuring microphone capsule

MK 223


50 mV/Pa

Polarization voltage

200 V

Power supply

28 V DC to 130 V DC

Max. power consumption

1.3 W

Heating voltage, externally switchable

5,8 V to 12 V

Max. SPL for 3% THD at 1 kHz

146 dB

Inherent noise with preamplifier MV 203.3

15 dB

Max. output voltage (with UB = 120 V)

33 Veff

Gain, C= 22 nF, 1 kHz

± 0,5 dB

Output impedance

≤ 80 Ohm



Connecting thread

G 1.5"

Diameter/ Length/ Weight

40 mm/585 mm/1500g

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