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MTG - 3D live recording in concert -

MTG - 3D live recording in concert - "Spiritual Standards" in 3D audio from Gefell

20 January 2020

Microtech Gefell: The most beautiful German chorales, church and Christmas carols, embedded in a dialogue between piano and saxophone, delighted the concert audience on 20.12.2019 in one of the oldest churches in Erfurt.

"Spiritual Standards", a symbiosis of improvisation and tradition of piano and saxophone, with the well-known pianist Prof. Markus Burger/California/USA and the saxophonist Jan von Klewitz/ Berlin was celebrated as the musical highlight of Erfurt's pre-Christmas concert scene.

A technical highlight was the new 3D-Audio Ambience Recording Installation from Gefell.

The universally applicable, easy-to-install, immersive audio recording solution is based on a 9-channel microphone system for runtime-based 3D sound recordings in the versions "Circle Version" and "M Cube".

The wide range of applications includes live events / ambient sound recording as well as churches, theaters, large studios for orchestras, choirs, bands or concert halls.
The "Circle Version" installed in Erfurt is a 5.0 array with 4 additional microphones.

The 9 measuring microphones with omnidirectional characteristics form a circular array with reproducible adjustment of the positions for adaptation to the respective recording situations.
The lower level includes 5 condenser microphones M 102, the upper level 4 condenser microphones M 221. As pressure microphones they guarantee a frequency response independent of distance without proximity effect and a low sensitivity to wind noise.

Microtech Gefell relies on proven measuring microphones due to tighter tolerances, such as the new M 102 with a 1" large-diaphragm capsule MK 102 for reducing self-noise, combined with the phantom-powered measuring microphone module system MV 225 P48 and an adapter.

The MV 225 P48 is a 1/2" preamplifier - for 1", 1/2", 1/4" measuring capsules without pre-polarization

Careful design and manufacturing of the MK 102 guarantee excellent long-term stability of the electroacoustic parameters.

All essential components, including the diaphragm, are made of nickel and are therefore resistant to changes in humidity and temperature.

The diaphragm is connected by a special galvanic process. A protective grid with integrated, insulated calibration grid protects it optimally against mechanical damage. The back electrode is isolated from the cartridge housing by a quartz glass plate.

Type-tested WS1F and WS2F measuring capsules, combined with a preamplifier with 48V phantom power, which is common in recording technology, ensure extremely long-term stable transmission characteristics and a constant amplitude frequency response within the narrow DIN EN 61094-4 tolerances.

The high sensitivity of nominal 50 mV/Pa requires less amplification, which also leads to less noise in the recording. For the M 221, an additional acoustic amplification in the high frequencies by acoustic means is possible using optional acoustik ball adapters.

A standard sound calibrator can be used to supply the microphones with an accurately defined sound pressure level.Thereby all the microphones can be adjusted to an equalamplification and also the following equipment can be optimally adjusted to the expected sound pressure level at themicrophone position.

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