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Microtech Gefell - Review of the year's events in 2016 and Preview 2017

09 December 2016
International scientific conferences, meetings, conventions

Microtech Gefell: MTG presents at International trade fair exhibitions, new high end Microphone solutions from the in-house Research and Development Department. At the MTG booth the visitors can see the very latest technologies and services in the area of acoustic measurements.

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Highlights 2016

DAGA 2016 – The 42nd Annual Conference on Acoustics
14.-17.03.2016 in Aachen 
For the fourth time, the DAGA conference has been taking place in Aachen. The 42nd Annual Conference on Acoustics from was hosted and organized by the RWTH Aachen University to the topics and subject areas, like: Noise assessment, Noise control, Noise measuring, Machine Acoustics ,  Physical acoustics, Room acoustics, Vehicle acoustics, Vibration engineering etc. Besides the scientific conference there was be an exhibition, offering for Microtech Gefell a forum for contacts and exchange between theory and practice

13th Jenaer acoustic day - University of Applied Sciences Jena
27.04.2016 in Jena
Center of Competence in Acoustics
The main focus of the 13th Jenaer acoustic day was on Measurement of noise, the effects of noise and the noise reduction or avoidance. MTG participated as sponsor and presented innovations and solutions in the area of the noise measuring technology in discussions.

13.-15.06.2016 in Providence, RI/USA
The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA / INCE
The NOISECON-16 was an opportunity for the acoustical community to delve into issues of noise control in different fields, for example: Community Noise/Wind Turbines, Tire/Pavement Noise Modelling, Noise in Buildings and Methods for Control, Surface Vehicle (railway, highway and ships), Aircraft/Airport Noise, Marine & Ship Noise, Noise Measurements etc. As many as 60 suppliers of technologies, services, software and materials, including MTG, participated at the conference exhibition. At the MTG-booth delegates got latest information on current trends and future technologies for precise Noise Measuring and noise control..

21.-24.08.2016 in Hamburg
45th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering
The German Acoustical Society/DEGA  in cooperation with Hamburg University of Technology
As an active sponsoring member it was for MTG a self-evident fact to take part also in 2016 in the Internoise.
On this occasion, especially interesting subjects were, such as: Advanced measuring techniques, Machinery noise, Road traffic noise, Vehicle acoustics, Vibroacoustics, Wind turbine noise etc. Besides the technical program, sessions and discussions MTG was able to display the latest technology and services in the areas of noise control and measuring, like the new Boundary-Layer Microphone - GF 1 for wind turbine noise

Preview 2017

Responding to a growing interest to innovations, Microtech Gefell is pleased to inform the international professional audience about the current extensive product and service portfolio in the field of Measuring Equipment in 2017.

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