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Colibrys SA

Colibrys SA

Company information:

Colibrys (Sagem, Safran) is a Swiss MEMS manufacturer, providing capacitive accelerometers and gyros resistant to harsh environments. Its products are designed for accuracy and offer the best performance stability combined with shock resistance, as well as the lowest non-linearity and noise in the marketplace. Colibrys sensors are used in numerous safety-critical applications to measure acceleration, inclination, vibration and angular rate.

For more information:

Product lines

Inertial Sensors


Vibration Sensors

Gyrometer Sensors

Gyrometer Modules

Custom services

The company propose a wide range of process capabilities

  • Photolithography
  • Deep reactive ION etching
  • Surface micromachining on SOI
  • Micro-hotplate module with low-stress SiNx and Pt metallization Lift-off metal patterning
  • Metal evaporation including patterning through high-precision shadow masks
  • KOH etching
  • Range of die singulation methods

  • Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd
    Av. des Sciences 13
    1400 Yverdon-les-Bains
    Switzerland / Europe
    Tel.: +41 58 100 5000
    Fax: +41 58 100 5001
    Web :
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Colibrys SA

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