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CleverIR BV

CleverIR BV

About CleverIR: clever solutions in the infrared market :

Formerly known as Exergen Global, CleverIR is a uniquely positioned group of experts carrying a nice portfolio of infrared sensor solutions. Very well-known brands such as the Exergen IRt/c line, Dali, Novus and Meltech focus on bringing accurate, reliable and of course easy to use, scalable infrared sensor solutions for a cost effective price.

The family line non contact temperature sensors of Exergen are applied in a large variety of industries to monitor and control temperature dependent processes, resulting in an increased speed and quality of these processes. This adds to the profitibility of CleverIR customers. This technology has proven very successful as CleverIR has been appointed strategic partner of HP Indigo, Xerox and NASA, and preferred supplier Heidelberg, Landa and Xeikon. There is a lot of expertise and experience in the graphics industry enabling to speed up systems as well. CleverIR introduced its very unique methodology called Sensoranics, to get the best solution for their OEM customers.

IR Sensor Technology - features

No Power supply: Exergen sensors are self-powered, no input power is required. This has multiple advantages:

  • No drift: all powered equipment experiences drift. In sensor technology this means the output signal will change over time, and recalibration is necessary to keep the readings accurate. Exergen sensors are unpowered and thus need no recalibration.
  • Accuracy: the output signal in a powered sensor will vary if the power supply is not stable. Small variations in power supply are common, so the accuracy of a powered sensor will be affected. Exergen sensors don’t experience this problem and will always yield a reliable output signal. The accuracy of the sensors can reach 0.01C. 
  • Repeatibility and interchangeability: because the sensors are unpowered and have ambient temperature compensation, they have a repeatibility and interchangeability of < 1%. This means that regardless of WHEN you measure (now, tomorrow, next week or in 5 years time), and regardless of WHICH unit of sensor is installed (every sensor is identical) it will yield the same result.

Ambient temperature compensation: The ambient temperature in which the sensor is placed influences the measurement. Exergen sensors have built-in ambient temperature compensation. This means that you’ll always get an accurate measure of the target material, regardless of the ambient temperature.

Airpurge: For all sensor types an airpurge system is built-in, or it is available as add on. This airpurge system will cool the sensor if ambient temperatures become too high, and will also clean the lens of the system in dirty or dusty environments (such as printers). This will prevent the lens from getting dirty and influencing the temperature measurement.

Precalibration: The sensors are pre-calibrated in the factory according to your specifications. No more adjusting or calibrating after delivery is necessary.

Field of View: The IR sensors have varying field of views. This allows you to position the sensor on a location that is most convenient for your application.

Response time: The speed of response of th IR sensors is very high: between 50 and 150 ms. This makes the sensors suitable to monitor and control very fast processes.


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