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Individual product support with Pilz Care - Customised support

Individual product support with Pilz Care - Customised support

06 April 2021

Service according to customers’ needs: With the new Pilz Care programme, Pilz offers individually bookable support modules for its products worldwide, guaranteeing maximum machine availability.

The Pilz Care programme contains individually bookable support modules for Pilz products, which can be assembled according to customers’ needs and by application area and type of machine. So customers receive exactly the performance they need, at predictable, calculated costs. At the same time Pilz offers the same standardised performance range internationally, offering especially streamlined support processes.

Individual, dependable agreement

The offering ranges from the basic “Pure Support” package to “Premium Support” and then the full “All-In Support” package. All modules provide for optimum machine availability and include telephone support, on-site care and the supply of spare parts. The respective framework agreements differ in the reaction time required from Pilz, which is firmly agreed, offering high reliability. The rapid availability of spare parts and products plus remote support means that customers’ machine downtimes are minimised.

Continuous support increases availability

Tailor-made Pilz Support also includes additional services such as the regular inspection of technical safeguards. Faults are identified and rectified quickly. As a result, machine availability and plant safety are increased and liability protection is also guaranteed. So Pilz Care is particularly beneficial for machine operators and maintenance managers in fast-paced sectors such as the process industry or logistics.

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