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CleverIR announces first strategic deal with chinese publicly held company DALI, designer and manufacturer of

CleverIR announces first strategic deal with chinese publicly held company DALI, designer and manufacturer of "Clever" Thermal Imaging Cameras

04 November 2021

Zijtaart, the Netherlands – November 1, 202021 – CleverIR proudly announces it first strategic partnership with DALI Technology distributing the Thermal Camera products in Europe starting with two lines: ‍

  • C series thermal imaging camera.
  • T1-M thermal imaging camera.

Established in 1984, DALI technology now is a public trading Hi-Tech enterprise that transformed from Zhejiang Testing Technology Institute. For over 20 years’ creativity and innovation, DALI has become one of the largest-scale and strongest comprehensive strength manufacturers with a broad range of solutions in Focal Plane detectors, Thermal Imaging cameras and Thermal Imaging Surveillance Systems.

“As it is part of our mission to provide our customers with a broader based infrared product solutions portfolio which are easy to use and cost efficient, it is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership. As over time we have built up a lot of knowledge and a vast distributors network, we feel we can be of great benefit for each other, declared Bram Stelt, CEO CleverIR.

“The strength that CleverIR has throughout Europe/the world with their excellent distributors network, combined with in depth understanding of not only understand the challenges their customers are facing but especially with providing very down to earth solutions, provides a win-win situation. We are looking forward working closely with CleverIR’s excellent distributors network and sales team, said Bram Stelt

Product range to start with:

C series thermal imaging cameras:

  • Fast durable, compact , very accurate.
  • This high-definition infrared imaging camera goes up to a 120 x 120 pixel resolution which makes it highly suitable for electric spot detection, HVAC systems, energy-saving heating, housing construction and automotive.

T1 tool type thermal imaging camera:

  • Light, rugged and very cost-effective.
  • This camera offers a slew of technical advantages being:
  • 160 x 120 pixels.
  • Safe: it is non touch – therefore being very safe and it inspects electrical powered targets in an extreme safe way.
  • Providing computer generated imaging data/analysis.
  • Next to being cost-efficient, this camera saves time and increases efficiency in a Clever way. Very stable performance and easy to use.

About DALI Technology

DALI Technology is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development of uncooled FPADetector, infrared thermal imaging systems, Intelligent inspection robot and a series of optoelectronic products for inertial navigation, and is also one of the few specialized Chinese manufacturers having autonomous control technology, proprietary core intellectual property rights, and ability to develop and manufacture various modules and systems covering the whole industry chain, ranging from thermal imaging technology-related core devices and core modules to complete thermal imaging systems.

About CleverIR: clever solutions in the infrared market

Formerly known as Exergen Global, CleverIR is a uniquely positioned group of experts carrying a nice portfolio of infrared sensor solutions. Very well-known brands such as the Exergen IRt/c line, Dali, Novus and Meltech focus on bringing accurate, reliable and of course easy to use, scalable infrared sensor solutions for a cost effective price. The sensor solutions can be found in a variety of vertical markets like print, textile, infrastructure, plastic and agriculture, automation and robotics amongst others.

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