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Unique wireless data logger for climate monitoring and individual measuring  tasks

Unique wireless data logger for climate monitoring and individual measuring tasks

21 February 2022
Wireless data logger ALMEMO® 470 for individual applications

The ALMEMO® 470 wireless data logger is a professional measuring instrument that receives and stores measured values with time stamps from up to 10 remote wireless sensors and displays them graphically on a 5.7" touch display. For wireless communication, the data logger operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

A menu-driven display is used to manage the sensors in the wireless network and to program limit values and cycles. Comments can be stored in the wireless sensors for optimal assignment to the individual measurement locations. The evaluation of the measurement data is done by a compact measurement software. To increase range and transmission reliability, the wireless sensors automatically configure themselves as a star-shaped and meshed network structure. Each wireless sensor has a repeater function and can forward the data of neighboring sensors to the logger. In this way, even remote sensors that do not have a direct wireless connection to the measuring instrument can be integrated. In order to realize local networks in close range, the transmission power of the network can be configured to 1, 10 or 100 mW.

A market innovation is the individual adapter for connecting digital sensors for wireless measurement of a variety of physical, electrical or chemical variables, e.g. CO2, air flow, illuminance or pH value. The wireless data logger system can thus be used for completely different applications. Via digital ALMEMO® D7 connectors, it is even possible to digitize sensors from other manufacturers and integrate them into the wireless network. Wireless sensors for humidity (5.0 - 98 % rH), temperature (5 - 50 °C or -40 - 85 °C) and air pressure (300 - 1100 mbar) are available for climate monitoring tasks. A version with an extended temperature application range (-40 to +85 °C) and splash water protection is suitable for measurements in conditioning and climate chambers or for tasks in environmental protection.

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