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New Trafag Submersible Pressure Transmitter ECL 8439 is available

New Trafag Submersible Pressure Transmitter ECL 8439 is available

01 February 2016

The Swiss Corporation Trafag presents its new Submersible Pressure Transmitter ECL 8439, a reliable and economic solution for many applications — also in thick and viscous media. Different material options for optimum media compatibility and a smart and robust design guarantee accurate and stable pressure and level measurement even in harsh environments.

Bubikon, January 2016 – The new ECL 8439 submersible pressure transmitter is the ideal choice for reliable and cost-effective level measurement in applications with drinking water, grey water and sewage water, oils and fuels, seawater and many more.

The robust ceramic sensing element of Trafag’s own production and the high-performance electronics based on the Trafag ASIC allow accurate measurement even under harsh conditions. The electronics complies with EMC standards EN/IEC 61000-6 and features an integrated lightning protection as standard.

The pressure connection, covered by a removable cap, has a wide conical opening which is ideal even for viscous media and still protects the measurement membrane from accidental damage. The ECL 8439 is available in AISI316L or duplex steel 1.4462. The duplex steel is particularly recommended for sea water applications and is a good and cost-effective alternative to titanium.

The type label information is laser engraved to ensure easy identification of all relevant device parameters even after many years in aggressive media.

The compact housing with a diameter of 25mm and a length of about 100mm is available in two versions: The completely cylindrical standard version and the OEM version with M22x1.5 adapter thread. The M22x1.5 thread can be used to attach adapters for cable piping systems or to mount the transmitter in the tank. Both versions can be immersed for pressure and level measurement in water up to 20 meters in depth.

Overview of Advantages and Performance

  • Suitable for thick and viscous media
  • Different materials for optimum media compatibility
  • Lightning protection integrated
  • Water treatment, Seawater, oils and fuels, etc.
  • Measuring principle: Thick film on ceramic
  • Measuring range: 0…0.1 to 0…2.0 bar; 0...1.5 to 0...30 psi
  • Media temperature: -25°…70°C
  • Output signal 4…20 mA

Trafag – Swiss quality sensors and monitoring devices

Trafag is a leading global provider of high-quality sensors and monitoring devices for pressure, temperature and gas density. In addition to a wide range of standardised, configurable products, Trafag also develops customized solutions for OEM customers.

Founded in 1942, Trafag is based out of Switzerland and has a wide distribution and service network in over 40 countries worldwide. This enables us to provide personal and professional customer service and ensures that all of their services are of the highest quality. Powerful development and production departments guarantee that Trafag products are of the highest quality and precision, product delivery is fast and reliable and customer requests are implemented quickly.

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