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SG for fiber composites available immediately ex stock from HBM

Flexible and rugged weldable optical strain gauges

09 May 2016

HBM is expanding its selection of optical strain transducers to offer even more flexibility in strain gauge measurement applications. The key features of these sensors are their rugged design and flexibility.

HBM has developed flexible, weldable optical strain gauges (SG) especially for use in harsh environments such as structure monitoring of pipelines and bridges and for measuring high strains. The sensors offer a wider strain measurement range for these applications, greater long-term stability and lower installation expenses compared to electrical strain gauges.

HBM has added the OL-WA linear strain gauge and the OR-WA strain rosette to the existing product range. Steel-reinforced fiber cables and special strain relief make these strain sensors extremely rugged. They also offer unique flexibility and can be used for strains of at least ±2000 µm/m in a temperature range from
-40 °C to +80 °C.

To fasten the SG onto a steel surface HBM recommends installation with a manual spot welder.

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