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SKAKO integrates Zemic load cells in their vibratory equipment

SKAKO integrates Zemic load cells in their vibratory equipment

12 January 2023

SKAKO VIBRATION is a highly professional and experienced business partner, specialising in the design, development, supply and marketing of vibratory equipment, which activates, transports and separates bulk solids.

The principle aim of SKAKO VIBRATION is to develop solutions, utilising vibration engineering technology, to meet the present and future individual needs of their customers worldwide. They design and d evelop machines for sorting, dosing, filling and packaging.

Zemic Europe B.V. and SKAKO already have a long-term relationship. In part of their equipment SKAKO builds in a weighing function. As a partner in force measurement we are able to provide the best-fit load cells to achieve a good weighing function.

SKAKO and Zemic are a perfect match, we share the same mission, we strive to strengthen the position of our customers within their market, providing added value to their business. We do this by combining SKAKO’s expertise in vibratory equipment with our weighing expertise.

Zemic Europe and SKAKO VIBRATION

  • Expertise in vibratory equipment combined with weighing expertise
  • Specialist in the design, development and supply of vibratory equipment
  • Professional developer of equipment for vibration reduction
  • High quality load cells for accurate weighing, also in high capacities

How Zemic Europe advised SKAKO VIBRATION

Weighing is necessary in part of the equipment of SKAKO Vibration for control, sorting and dosing purposes. First of all SKAKO explained the exact needs and wishes regarding the weighing function. Zemic offers a wide range of high quality force sensors. SKAKO was already satisfied with working with Zemic because of the open communication and the service provided. The fact that Zemic can deliver quickly from stock is also of great importance to SKAKO.

Zemic advised the H8C load cell as the most suitable for these applications. SKAKO apply springs in their systems. These springs eliminate the vibrations, allowing the H8C to measure accurately. In this way, SKAKO supply machines with a highly accurate weighing system.

Zemic H8C shear beam load cell used for weighing in machines for sorting, dosing, filling and packaging

For accurate weighing in their machines, SKAKO uses our H8C load cell. We can deliver this load cell in many different capacities, from 100 kg till 10 ton and different accuracies; C3, C4 and C5.

This load cell has the following characteristics:

  • Nickel plated alloy steel IP67 shear beam load cell.
  • 100kg and 250kg are bending beam load cells.
  • Suitable for platform weighing, hospital bed weighing, etc. 
  • High accuracy
  • High reliability 
  • Current calibrated (sc-option).

More about Vibration equipment

SKAKO supplies a broad range of vibration equipment, with or without weighing function. In particular in these sectors:

Minerals: SKAKO VIBRATION supply feeders, conveyors and screens for the mineral industry

One type of the machines they make are the vibratory feeders for the effective activation of bulk solids. This is a complete feed system with the highest level of flexibility, for bulk materials.

Recycling: SKAKO VIBRATION supply feeding and sorting equipment for the recycling industry

Think about solutions for sorting and inspection machines. SKAKO vibratory storage feeders are the best possible solution to make sorting and inspection machines running as long as possible always with the right quantity of products without needing an operator to ensure that the inspection machine has enough product to run with.

Would you like to know more about SKAKO VIBRATION equipment?

Your weighing expert is ready to help you

For all your questions about the integration of (custom-made) force sensors, load cells or miniature sensors, please feel free to contact our weighing expert:

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