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Revving Precision: Unleashing Speed with Zemic Load Cells in Car Testing!

Revving Precision: Unleashing Speed with Zemic Load Cells in Car Testing!

13 March 2024

Load cells play a crucial role in the rig setup of the LMP2 (Le Mans Prototype 2) car from JOTA. LMP2 cars are high-performance racing prototypes used in endurance racing, including the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans. The rig in this context refers to the vehicle element testing equipment, used to simulate and analyze various forces and loads acting on the car under different conditions. Load cells are specialized sensors used to measure forces. They are an invaluable tool for understanding and optimizing a racing car's performance and handling characteristics.

JOTA is one of the most experienced & successful sports car teams in recent history, having finished on the podium in LMP2 at Le Mans 9 times in the last 10 years; as well as finishing an unprecedented 2nd & 3rd overall at Le Mans in 2017.

With the use of load cells JOTA managed to optimize vehicle setup over the winter break, to fly into the new season. Previous years they managed to get onto the podium in nine out of ten races. With the use of our S-type load cell we will make sure the podiums will continue to add up.

Zemic Europe and JOTA

  • One of the most experienced & successful sports car teams
  • High-performance racing prototypes used in endurance racing
  • Advanced engineering
  • High quality load cells for optimizing a racing car's performance
  • Fast delivery of load cells from stock in Europe

How Zemic advised JOTA

The cooperation between the two companies was super smooth. The engineers of Jota already had a lot of knowledge about load cells. With some extra advice, they could easily choose the most suitable load cell from the wide range of Zemic.

The implementation of the load cell was fulfilled by the company itself. Fast delivery was important to JOTA. Zemic Europe managed to supply the part within 24 hours from our warehouse in the Netherlands to JOTA’s factory. Within a couple of hours the load cell was implemented and that defines the ease of use of the Zemic load cells.

Which Zemic products are being used?

For this project Zemic advised to use the H3 S-type load cell and the indicator XK3190-A12E.


  • H3 nickel plated alloy steel S-type load cell, OIML approved (25kg-30t).
  • Tension and compression applications.
  • Also available in imperial capacities and dimensions.
  • Suitable for hanging, hopper and other weighing devices.

The load cell is used in the rig to measure torsional stiffness of various torsion bars used as spring elements on the LMP2 race car. The reason for the push/pull load cell is due to some torsion bars are twisted in opposite directions and therefore it needs the load to be measured in both directions.

Indicator XK3190-A12E

  • Fit for 1 to 4 load cells.
  • Fast speed, high accuracy Σ – Δ A/D conversion technology.
  • Special anti-vibration software technology.
  • Suitable for electronic platform, floor and other electronic static weighing scales.

The load and the deflection (measured with a DTI) was used to calculate the stiffness in Nm/Deg. Then it can check if some elements are out of tolerance and need to be replaced or make a better match of 2 torsion bars in Jota’s extensive inventory which also tracks the results between tests. More information and datasheets of these products, you can find here:

More about JOTA racing cars

The integration of load cells in race car element testing represents a significant leap forward in the world of motorsport. The precision and real-time feedback they provide empower engineers to push the boundaries of performance, enabling them to shave precious seconds off their lap times and compete at the highest level.

As load cell technology continues to evolve, race cars are poised to reach new levels of precision, efficiency, and safety, making for even more exhilarating races and reaffirming their highly regarded status in endurance racing.

Besides the magnificent performance of the cars JOTA also managed to produce a beauty of a race car. We as Zemic Europe wish them all the best with the upcoming races. Especially the Le Mans races we will be looking out for the gold liveries.

Your weighing expert is ready to help you

For all your questions about the integration of (custom-made) force sensors, load cells or miniature sensors, please feel free to contact our weighing expert:


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