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Robust, compact, precise: Baumer presents new multiturn encoder for mobile machines

Robust, compact, precise: Baumer presents new multiturn encoder for mobile machines

06 March 2024

Sensor expert Baumer adds another highlight to its portfolio of compact multiturn encoders for mobile machines. New non-contact encoder EB360R has been particularly designed for mobile machines and is free from maintenance even in harsh environments. That's typical Baumer: The encoder merges maximum performance with compact design for precise angle position and speed feedback, even where it's dirty, wet or hot. Robust EB360R will also endure vibration and shocks. Hence, the wear-free encoder is the product to choose for use in construction vehicles, working platforms or agricultural machines. In this way Baumer is living up to its pioneering spirit in encoder technology: EB360R is the most compact non-contact multiturn encoder being this precise and adds on the broad Baumer portfolio for mobile applications.

No chance for dirt, dust or fluids

EB360R bearingless magnetic encoder owes its high robustness to the non-contact sensing principle com-prising the sensor and a separate magnetic rotor. Angle position and number of revolutions are determined without any moving parts inside the sensor. The sensor is mechanically and thermally decoupled. Unlike conventional rotary encoders, there is no shaft leading inside. The sensing electronics of EB360R is fully en-capsulated to prevent any ingress of liquids or dust. Such thoroughly encapsulated electronics in a corrosion-resistant plastic housing is another extra protection against shocks and vibration.

Space-saving design yet maximum performance

The Baumer team of developers has designed the EB360R particularly for use in severe harsh outdoor con-ditions. Until now, industrial encoders deployed in mobile machines could not cope for long with the material-consuming working conditions present on muddy construction sites, snow-covered slopes and dusty raw ma-terial mining. In the development of EB360R Baumer strived to exploit to the utmost any option to cut the housing size down to a minimum - while maximizing robustness in parallel. "A great deal of the practical field experience made by our broad customer base in the mobile machine industry has gone into the develop-ment" reports Product Manager Sebastian Köster.

Long-term tight, ultra-robust The requirements for the new encoder designed for mobile machines were am-bitious and clear right from the start. Köster: "It was our aim making EB360R set a new encoder standard for mobile machines: a bearingless multiturn encoder that is ultra robust, minimized in size and maximized in precision." From the developer's point of view, this has been a success. With a housing of just 22 mm in height when installed, the encoder in space-saving design provides maximum freedom in machine design. And what about measuring precision? "Best-in-class in the category of bearingless, magnetic multiturn en-coders of this size," says Köster.

However, most important for reliable continuous outdoor operation is long-term tightness. EB360R has passed conventional tests like IP67 and IP69K with ease. However, this does not say much about long-term tightness after many years of tough outdoor use. EB360R has proved fully reliable even after aggressive, simulated accelerated ageing in highly demanding tests, i.e. temperature shocks by immersion bath. The en-coder will perform reliably even after being cyclically heated to 85 ºC and right away immersed in salt water of 0°C. "A real challenge that - if passed - guarantees safe outdoor operation," says Köster.

EB360R in brief

  • Non-contact absolute encoder «Designed for Mobile Machines»
  • Application fields: Angle measurement at booms, Speed monitoring suitable for vehicles such as excavators, dump trucks, working platforms, harvesters, tractors, wood harvesters, etc.
  • Available as singleturn or multiturn encoder Interfaces: CANopen, SAE J1939, SSI Corrosion-resistant plastic housing IP69K protection
  • High resistance to vibration and shocks up to 500 g
  • Temperature resistant from-40 ºC up to 85 ºC
  • Adjustable gear factor and freely adjustable resolution

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