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Pressure Sensor for Oxygen Pressure Measurement

Pressure Sensor for Oxygen Pressure Measurement

04 March 2020

Micro Sensor GmbH:


Oxygen plays an important role in many fields like the smelting process, chemical industry, national defense industry, and health care, but it is highly prone to combustion and explosion during the oxygen production and usage process. Based on the theory that burning or explosion is caused by three factors-combustibles, oxidants, and ignition source, the high-purity high-pressure oxygen transported in the oxygen pipeline is a very strong oxidant. The higher the purity, the higher the pressure will be, thus the oxygen will be more oxidizing and dangerous. The potential ignition sources that cause combustion or explosion are like following: friction, heat of compression, impact, arc or resonance etc. During the constructions of the industrial oxygen pipelines, they should be cleaned in various processes like derusted, scrubbed, sandblasted, purged, degreased and pickled to remove oil and impurities from the pipeline to meet the conditions for transporting oxygen. The pipelines should only be accepted and put into use after passing the terms in accordance with relevant standards.

Pressure Sensors for Oxygen Pressure Measurement

For oxygen pressure measurement, the instruments should be clean with inert oil not only improves the safety level, but also greatly reduces the economic and time loss risks caused by maintenance or failure replacement.

For MDM290FL, MPM280FL, MPM281VCFL and other oxygen pressure sensors, MPM4901FL differential pressure transmitter for oxygen pressure measurement, the sensing part is filled with Fluorolube oil inside. Meanwhile, the production uses oil-free process, and oxygen pressure sensors and transmitters are cleaned and packaged according to the oxygen standard cleaning process.

The pressure sensors mentioned above can be used in hazardous locations including flameproof, intrinsically safe products, and in factories and hospitals which involving oxygen pressure measurement.

Oxygen Standard Cleaning Process

Oxygen Standard Cleaning Process, Pressure Sensors

The pressure sensor for oxygen pressure measurement must be cleaned in comply with the oxygen standard cleaning process to ensure the pressure sensor is clean and oil-free without corrosion and impurities like fouling, particles etc. Thus, it solves the potential oxygen burning or explosion risks caused by the sensor oil during the process of oxygen pressure measurement. The oxygen standard cleaning operation must be carried out in a dust-free and clean environment. It should be operated by qualified personnel. The sensor and its accessories should be cleaned with special cleaning agent. It should be soaked, wiped, brushed, rinsed, dried and sealed packaged and other cleaning processes. At the meantime, the special inspection equipment and precision instruments should be used in the cleaning process to inspect the sensor surface oil qualitatively and quantitatively to ensure the sensor is clean.

Micro Sensor has existing oxygen standard cleaning platform, complete cleaning process and quality control process. We can clean and package the pressure sensor and pressure transmitter for oxygen pressure measurement with high cleanliness. We can provide cleaning service for pressure transmitters and valves products also.

The specific oxygen pressure measures products and solution will vary based on different needs and applications. Feel free to contact us via, and our technical team will provide you with the best solutions.

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