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Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor

Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor

06 November 2019

Micro Sensor GmbH: For pressure measurement of viscous media, the pressure hole of thread on the pressure sensor may be blocked by the media after long time use, thus, affecting the accuracy eventually. The flush diaphragm pressure sensor has the sensing membrane at the forefront of the connecting thread which can contact the measuring medium in a large area without clogging. It is easy to clean even the corrugated diaphragm has residual stains or scaling, therefore, the pressure sensor’s lifetime is extended.


Standard flush diaphragm pressure sensors are suitable for viscous media pressure measurement such as ink, paint, mud etc. in process control such as oil drilling, chemical production and ink processing applications.

Sanitary PD1 flush diaphragm pressure sensor is suitable for food processing, bio pharmaceutical, health care and other medical fields, such as the processing of chocolate, milk, syrup, medicines, etc.


  1. High-precision, high-stability silicone chips adopted.
  2. Superb packaging, laser welding technology, and strict assembly process to ensure high quality and excellent performance
  3. Sanitary PD1 flush diaphragm pressure sensor design conforms to international 3A requirements, and various filling liquids available (food grade, sanitary grade etc.)
  4. Stable and reliable


  1. Pressure range: 0kPa~100kPa...35MPa (Standard Type)
                                     0kPa~100kPa...3.5MPa (Clamp Type)
  2. For viscous media pressure measurement, not easy to scale and block, easy to clean.
  3. Optional process connections, high accuracy, good stability, easy installation and reliable sealing.
  4. Compact size, cost-effective.

Customized flush diaphragm pressure sensors are available. Our technical team will provide you with the best product solutions based on the on-site environment. Feel free to contact

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