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Bidirectional low pressure sensor  125 Pa in SOIC-housing - SM9333

Bidirectional low pressure sensor 125 Pa in SOIC-housing - SM9333

31 January 2020

AMSYS introduces the pressure sensor SM9333 - a bidirectional differential version with ± 125 Pa pressure range. The peculiarity of differential sensors is the fact that they can measure both negative as well as positive pressure. Due to the symmetrical properties of the silicon measuring cell, this bidirectional version enables both the measurement of the applied negative pressure and that of the corresponding positive pressure.

Two output signals in I2C format are available, both are proportional to the differential pressure and temperature change. To control the function of the sensor, these SOIC sensors are equipped with a status of diagnostics and an error message. During production, the low-pressure sensors are individually linearized, calibrated and temperature compensated. Thus, no additional circuit such as a compensation network, is required.

The housing of this low-pressure sensors is based on the standard SOIC16(w) housing (300 mil), in which the evaluation IC and the silicon measuring cell are installed. As OEM pressure sensors, the SM9333 are intended for installation on a printed circuit board. They fit for automatic SMD assembly (JEDEC J-STD.-020D.1). They can be placed in the PCB design like an IC and can be reflowed onto standard PCBs.

With an ADC resolution of 16 bits and an accuracy* of typ. ±0,5 %FS, this sensor is particularly suitable for industrial applications, but can also be used in medical devices and HVAC products. Further to the SM9333 series, a bidirectional differential sensor for a larger pressure range of ± 250 Pa is also available with the SM9336.

* At AMSYS, accuracy means the total error, which includes the calibration errors, the temperature errors and all stochastic errors (hysteresis, non-linearity and reproducibility).

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