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Small, Robust, Unmatched Accuracy: The New Inclination Sensor positilt® PTM27

Small, Robust, Unmatched Accuracy: The New Inclination Sensor positilt® PTM27

12 August 2020

The new high-accuracy inclination sensor positilt® PTM27 in an ultra-compact housing is suitable for applications where high robustness and accuracy are required. It can also replace rotary angle sensors advantageously.

ASM introduces a new inclination sensor that is robust, comes in an ultra-compact housing and provides high accuracy. The new positilt® PTM27 sensor measures inclination in the range of +/-180° with one axis and in the range of +/-60° with two axes. In contrast to conventional sensors of this type, the sensor offers a very high measuring accuracy with a linearity deviation max of 0.05° and a resolution of 0.005° over the measuring range 360°. The sensor is based on MEMS technology.

This technology works on a contactless principal without any moveable components and is therefore wear-free and shock and vibration resistant. Inside the housing the sensor electronics are completely encapsulated and thus protected against moisture, dust and dirt. Aditionally an integrated water block prevents capillary moisture ingress along the cable. The sensor has protection class IP67.

The ultra-compact sensor housing measuring just 10 mm in depth allows the sensor to be installed even in restricted spaces. The sensor housing design can be mounted in any axis orientation.

The sensor is suited for various industrial applications, for mobile machines and also for vehicles on public roads (E1 certification). positilt® PTM27 can also replace rotary angle sensors advantageously as neither a shaft nor a magnet is required. Digital (CANopen, CAN SAE J1939) and analog outputs are available. For applications subject to high levels of shock and vibration positilt® PTK29 is available in a stainless steel sensor housing with gyro-compensated MEMS technology.

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ASM Sensors offers innovative high-quality sensor solutions for displacement, angle and inclination. Based on more than 40 years of experience, ASM sensors has become a leading company in the development and production of position sensors. A unique product range of 7 product lines satisfies numerous application requirements.

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