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AP20S - Smart position indicator for reliable linear adjustments in production machines

AP20S - Smart position indicator for reliable linear adjustments in production machines

04 July 2018

Compact and equipped with the latest interfaces – The new SIKO AP20S position indicator is extremely easy to integrate. In combination with the MS500H linear magnetic sensor with external connection, it is ideally equipped to detect the position of linear guides and slide adjustments in machines. The operator can see the target and actual position directly at the adjustment position, and this information is also transferred to the main machine control system. It is therefore ideal for use in flexible production machines of all sorts: e.g. packing machines, woodworking machines and printing machines. Wherever production machines have to be refitted and set by hand to produce or pack ever smaller batch sizes flexibly, bus-compatible position indicators from SIKO offer 100% process reliability and the fastest refitting times for product changeovers. Incorrect settings on the machine are a thing of the past, which means that rejects and tool damage are avoided.

Flexible Fieldbus integration with the latest industrial Ethernet interfaces

In addition to the long-standing SIKONET5 and CAN data interfaces, SIKO has also integrated the most common industrial Ethernet fieldbus interfaces into one position indicator: Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT and Powerlink. Now integration into current control systems from various manufacturers is therefore possible directly and without any other accessories. In comparison to a converter solution, the variety of components is reduced, as is the space required in the machine. The result is loss-free communication across the board between control and sensor level, which is necessary, in particular, for systems with a large number of sensors and long cable lengths. For this purpose, the AP20S has two M12 D-coded bus connections for a bus line design that protects the cable, meaning that star-shaped wiring to the control system is no longer essential.

Industry 4.0-ready

In the context of Industry 4.0 and the smart factory, evaluation of the device status is becoming increasingly important alongside exchange of pure process data. The AP20S addresses this by using the extensive diagnostic options of modern network technologies and an electronic type plate, which serves to identify the device type, serial number and software version.
Corresponding integration aids such as function modules, libraries and add-on instructions make commissioning easier and lead to efficient application programming.

Compact surface area of a credit card

The AP20S, in conjunction with the MS500H external linear magnetic sensor, combines the functionality of a high-precision linear absolute value encoder with a position indicator, and yet it can be fitted to the machine in an area no bigger than a credit card (dimensions of the AP20S indicator approx. 48x88x61mm). The compact MS500H sensor is also child’s play to integrate into the corresponding linear guide, with dimensions of just 27x15x8mm. Thus, the positioning solution is ideally suited for monitored size changeovers even in machines and systems where space is limited. Given the high degree of protection afforded by IP65 and the use of stainless steel, the AP20S is also suitable for applications in the food industry, drinks manufacturing and the pharmaceutical sector.

Ergonomic and intuitive for the operator

The option of displaying the target and actual position directly on the adjustment position significantly increases convenience for the machine operator. SIKO opts for an inverted, backlit LCD for the AP20S to make this information as easy to read as possible, even in unfavorable lighting conditions. The position indicator also offers intuitive user guidance with the two-colored LEDs integrated on the right and left. In addition to the positioner status (InPos or OutPos), the LEDs indicate the direction of rotation required to reach the intended target position. Refitting a production machine for a new product thus becomes child’s play.


  • Electronic position indicator with plug fitting for magnetic sensor
  • Integrated industrial Ethernet Fieldbus
  • Two-line LCD with backlighting
  • Target and actual value display with integrated comparison
  • Accuracy of display up to 0.01mm
  • Absolute function with internal back-up
  • Durable sensors thanks to magnetic scanning
  • User guidance by status LEDs
  • Protection rating IP53, optionally IP65

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