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Absolute position and speed data for automation and drive technology

Absolute position and speed data for automation and drive technology

19 September 2022

The requirements for sensors used for position detection in automation and drive technology increase with the complexity and performance of the associated machines and systems. The high-resolution, non-contact absolute encoder MSA213K from SIKO offers a solution for this. This provides the absolute position at any time (without referencing or buffer battery). With its high signal quality, the encoder is ideal for use in handling and assembly automation, machining systems, pick-and-place applications, PCB machining and always provides precise values for position and speed measurement in linear direct drives.

High resolution and absolute

The magnetic absolute linear encoder impresses with a high absolute resolution of 1 µm, ensuring precise position detection at all times. Absolute measurement is essential, especially in safety-relevant applications when a change in position has to be reliably detected even if power is off. The repeat accuracy achieved of ± 1 μm enables reliable use in multi-axis applications or positioning systems where exact control and position recognition is required. It achieves this performance level over a length of up to 16 meters.

Multiple interfaces

To make the MSA213K as easy to integrate as possible, it is available with numerous absolute interfaces. Starting with the basic variants with SSI and BiSS C, the sensor is also available with IO-Link. In addition, an incremental interface is available in parallel as a digital line driver or analog 1 Vss signal output. With this combination, absolute travel information is available at all times and precise commutation is possible even in dynamic operation.

Installation flexibility

The compact installation dimensions and a large reading distance of up to 0.8 mm, together with the 270° swiveling connector, enable flexible integration into a wide range of applications. For easy installation and operation, the absolute encoder has a clearly visible function and status indicator LED that provides feedback on function and operating status.

Profile MSA213K & MBA213: 

  • Magnetic absolute encoder
  • High absolute resolution of 1 µm 
  • Repeat accuracy ± 1 μm 
  • Long reading distance ≤0.8 mm 
  • Long measuring range up to 16 m 
  • Function and status LEDs 
  • BiSS C, SSI, IO-Link 
  • Optional analogue Sin/Cos 1 Vss or digital line driver

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