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New Tools for Laser Beam Characterization

12 December 2014
Fast Laser Power Heads and Thermal PSDs to be unveiled at Photonics West ‘15

Switzerland, December 2014 +++ greenTEG will launch new products for laser beam characterization at Photonics West 2015 in San Francisco (7-12 Feb.). Photonics West, organized by SPIE, is the leading fair in optics and photonics with 1’250 exhibiting companies and 20’000 attendees. greenTEG will present the gSKIN® Laser Power Sensor portfolio and two new product classes for laser beam characterization: Laser Power Heads and Laser Positioning Sensors. Both products are not yet commercially available and will be launched exclusively at Photonics West 2015.

Fast Laser Power Heads

The Laser Power Head will enable fast and easy measurement of average laser power. Already today, greenTEG offers laser power sensors, but with the forward integration of the sensors into a power head, measurements and data read-out will be easier. greenTEG’s sensor technology has been specifically tailored to the new product line, allowing laser powers up to 50 Watts to be metered with a non-accelerated response time of less than 250 milliseconds. The fast response time allows higher productivity and throughput as well as higher measurement frequencies for increased process control.

The power head operates with an input voltage of 12 to 24 Volt and delivers a calibrated and normalized voltage signal from 0 to 10 Volts. The product line comprises three models with nominal laser powers of 5W, 10W and 50W. Other laser powers ranges are available upon request. Mounting threads and water channels are incorporated in each power head for cooling during continuous use with high powers or operation in temperature sensitive environments.

Thermal PSD for OEMs: Laser Position and Power Sensors for 190nm-15µW

With greenTEG’s thermal PSDs acquiring and processing precise data on power and position of laser beams is simple. The Laser Positioning Sensors are designed for powers as low as 100 µW   up to 50 Watts. Since they completely rely on greenTEG’s thermoelectric technology, saturation problems and wavelength dependent sensitivity are no issues. With a size of 18x18mm they will perfectly suit most requirements.

greenTEG sensor technology

greenTEG’s laser power sensors are based on the thermopile technology. A novel production process allows greenTEG to produce sensor modules of a thickness of only 0.6mm. They measure laser power from  deep-ultraviolet to the mid-infrared range with a rise time of less than a second and a resolution below 1µW. Thermopile sensors for laser power measurements are especially suited when measuring in a broad dynamic range and when monitoring average power. Further technical details about greenTEG’s laser power sensors are available here.

Contact us to schedule a meeting at Photonics West or if you would like to be among the first to receive the datasheets of the new products.

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