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MAZeT – Specialists in OPTO-ASICs

MAZeT – Specialists in OPTO-ASICs

12 May 2015
JENCOLOR® color sensors and systems for light control and customized signal processing through to Opto-ASIC designs and user-specific hardware solutions

Jena, Germany, 12 May 2015. MAZeT GmbH will be presenting new products and innovative sensor solutions in the fields of LED light, process analytics, quality control, and color measurement in hall 12, booth 386 at the SENSOR+TEST trade fair, which is being held from 19 to 21 May 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany. The JENCOLOR® sensors contain photodiodes combined with structured interference filters. Typical features include high operating frequency, parameters with long-term stability within a specified temperature range, low-tolerance spectral transmission, and operating temperatures above 100 °C. The sensors can be delivered as electronic components or as part of application-specific modules and devices. User-specific solutions for hardware, firmware, software, and support in the calibration of user-specific solutions also form part of the MAZeT service package.

Requirements for Opto-ASICs – high sensitivity and age-resistant

Packaging is a priority with Opto-ASICs. The properties it offers need to ensure the seamless processing in the manufacturing process of an electronic module and guarantee the functional features for the entire lifespan. More than 50,000 operating hours are required for the LED light application in particular. High sensitivity, bandwidth, ADC resolution, and spectral selectivity are parameters that can play an important role especially in the application areas of process instrumentation and color measurement. The many different functions offered by the serial interface of the sensor signal amplifier enable optimal adjustment to the various customer applications and processes for recording readings.

MAZeT has been a successful provider of Opto-ASICs and embedded systems for several years. At this year’s trade fair, the company will use selected demonstrators to present the capabilities of its LED light color control and how to determine spectral footprints of fluids composed of highly varied substances. MAZeT now offers the option of adapting existing standard products to the customer’s application requirements by varying the spectral filter characteristics. These application-specific hyperspectral sensors offer the chance to explore new application areas with cost-efficient, spectrally resolved optical point sensors.

MAZeT provides solutions for line and matrix sensors with low complexity for spatially resolved optical sensors. These can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements on request. The pixels can be combined with spectral filters if this function is required. At the trade fair, Opto-ASIC specialists from MAZeT will advise interested customers on the options in terms of technology, costs, and development time for their project on site.

Spectral data gains increasing importance

MAZeT offers hyperspectral sensors as standard electronic components for the VIS range. A development kit is available in several different versions to support the customer. The data logging and evaluation software ensures rapid start-up of the sensor evaluation board and allows the customer to efficiently work on the solution for his defined task. The JENCOLOR® hyperspectral sensors are particularly well suited to calculating the spectral footprint of transparent fluids with a continuous spectrum. A further application scenario is in the area of quality assurance and process instrumentation. It is possible to quickly expand the analyzable spectral range in the NIR range (< 1000 nm) and the UV range (> 250 nm) at any time (for example, by adjusting the filter characteristics) and at low cost. The electronic sensor components are always delivered in the familiar design of the MMCS6CS hyperspectral sensor.

Customized signal analysis

MAZeT also offers integrated signal processing ASSPs to complement its JENCOLOR® sensors. The MAZeT product line ranges from programmable, multi-channel transimpedance amplifiers, right through to signal amplifiers with an I2C or SPI port. A key functional component of the new generation of signal amplifiers are the analog-to-digital converters, which are tailored to the requirements of the JENCOLOR® sensors. These signal amplifiers need to reliably capture photocurrents from multiple power sources at the same time and convert them in high resolution. MAZeT provides a measurement value resolution for this of up to 20 Bit (20 fA/LSB to 5 nA/LSB). The absolute dynamic is greater than 1:1,000,000.

About MAZeT

MAZeT GmbH is a leading European engineering and manufacturing service provider. The company was founded in 1992 and is based in Jena. MAZeT develops, manufactures and distributes customer specific devices, software and ASICs distributes own products of the trademark JENCOLOR®. The broad technology offer and application know-how in this field of industry electronics and opto-sensor technology lets MAZeT GmbH be a competent and reliable service partner for every customized client-specific solution. Their expertise and components for custom applications are used throughout the entire sector of industrial metrology, control and automation as well as medical technology.

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